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Corruption Then and Now

Members of the GOP have made the laughable claim that the Obama Administration is the most corrupt in history.  That such an accusation demonstrates a complete lack of historical perspective (going back a mere decade, let alone centuries)) should be … Continue reading

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Doubting Douthat

When reading NY Times’ columnist Ross Douthat, always pay careful attention to his math.  This Easter Sunday, the Times published a selection from Douthat’s newest book, where he concludes that America has lost its religious center and that this is … Continue reading

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From Russia, With Hate

The Republican candidates have shown a stunning lack of sense when it comes to their statements on international relations.  As you may recall, at one of the 87 Republican debates, Rick Perry claimed that Turkey is run by islamic terrorists … Continue reading

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Signs of the Coming GOP Implosion

There are many signs that the GOP has completely lost touch with the concerns of the average voter in this country.  There’s the recent firestorm over birth control, the brinksmanship on the debt ceiling, the payroll tax cut debacle, and … Continue reading

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Top 50

Washington Monthly’s Paul Glastris, Ryan Cooper, and Siyu Hu, rattle off President Obama’s Top 50 accomplishments.  While I expect many will find fault in certain of these accomplishments, one thing the list highlights that I think everyone can agree on … Continue reading

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All In

When you play poker, and you’re not very good, there invariably comes a time when your chips are getting low, the blinds are getting higher, and you need to go all in with a bad hand.  That seems to be what … Continue reading

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Class Warfare

You can always tell when Republican strategists have settled on a new line of argument because a certain stock phrase will appear out of nowhere on tv and in the newspapers: Republicans on Sunday decried the notion of a new … Continue reading

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Glenn Greenwald notes that a new report/poll of six countries in the Middle East finds Barak Obama with a lower approval rating than George Bush in the final year of his Presidency.  Greenwald makes a number of important points regarding … Continue reading

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The Anti-Timetable Nonsense

President Obama announced a plan to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan.  He is coming under fire (as with everything he does) from some Republicans for setting arbitrary timelines for withdrawals.  Many Democrats were hoping for a faster draw down of … Continue reading

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Our Politicians are Cowards

President Obama’s views on gay marriage are “evolving.” I call bullshit.  I think he probably favored gay marriage at the time he ran for Senate, or at least at the point he ran for President.  At the time, support for … Continue reading

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Drudge at work

Matt Drudge is the master of misleading posts, and he is still who the conservative media turns to for its news of the day. Take this headline from the Drudge Report, for example:  REUTERS, AP journalists describe staging of Obama … Continue reading

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The Birthers Get All Affirmative

The ink wasn’t even dry on Obama’s forged long-form birth certificate before the birthers began moving on to the next fake controversy.  Donald Trump, current Birther cause celebre of the Birthers, has now joined blogging moron Mickey Kaus in asking whether … Continue reading

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