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Come to Trenton, Mr. Romney (Updated)

Mitt Romney discussing Obama’s call for aid to state governments: “He wants another stimulus, he wants to hire more government workers,” Romney said in Iowa. “He says we need more firemen, more policemen, more teachers. Did he not get the … Continue reading

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The Fast and the Furious: New Jersey Edition

The NY Giants are probably breathing a sigh of relief that Brandon Jacobs’ antics aren’t their problem anymore.  New Jersey’s Attorney General, in contrast, can’t just trade his problems to San Francisco:  Embarrassing allegations that two state troopers escorted a … Continue reading

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Pants on Fire

Is the Governor of New Jersey a liar? Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, please take a look at the following pieces of evidence which I’ve had marked as Exhibits No. 1 and 2: Ex. 1: NJ Governor Chris Christie in … Continue reading

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Sex Tips from Politicians

Republicans in my home state may write off certain heavily democratic parts of the state as lost causes, but surely there’s gotta be a better nominee out there than this guy: Phil Mitsch, a Republican candidate for the New Jersey … Continue reading

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Bravo, Governor Christie

I’ve written my share of critical posts on Governor Christie, and I continue to believe the great State of New Jersey would be better off without him in office, but it’s only fair to acknowledge those instances where he has … Continue reading

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Everybody Hates Chris

As we’ve noted before, pretty much all of the GOP candidates for president are massively unpopular with the voters in their home states, including Roger Ailes darling Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey. Christie reached a recent deal with Democratic … Continue reading

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New Jersey Pride

via the great Titus Andronicus. Greatest state in the Union….  

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New Jersey’s Pride and Joy

New Jersey band Titus Andronicus are on tour with Okkervil River this spring (at 930 club in DC in June) and were recently interviewed on Sound Opinions (click here for the interview and studio performances). I’ve been playing a bit … Continue reading

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“The Train Never Came, So I Decided to Walk”

Don’t try this on DC’s Metro, unless you’ve got a death wish (via Gothamist): Most of us at one time or another have gazed longingly down a dark subway tunnel during an interminable wait and thought, “I’d probably get there … Continue reading

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Xanadu in Hell

Governor Chris Christie, who can’t spare money to expand public transportation between New Jersey and New York City, has found a few hundred million dollars to prop up possibly the most disastrous development project in the history of the State. … Continue reading

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And All the Children Are Below Average

Part II in a continuing series on the children of the corn New Jersey: Last month, Rutgers officials said they had booked Morrison — author of “Beloved,” “Song of Solomon” and other novels — to speak in a 52,000-seat football … Continue reading

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Revealing Gov. Christie Interview

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