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Which is a bigger threat to the institution of marriage?

1)  Gay marriage or 2) Michele Bachmann’s husband spending the day buying doggie sunglasses while Michele and the kids were out campaigning? Judging from Bachmann’s speech, I’d have to go with number 2.  Although if the rumors about Marcus’ sexuality are … Continue reading

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Conservatism at its Worst

Today’s conservatism at its worst is characterized by a choice to turn away in the face of a reality that doesn’t mesh with the conservative’s preconceived notion of right and wrong, fair and unfair, free and enslaved.  Today’s conservatives crusade against … Continue reading

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Which is Worse?

1) A Presidential candidate out asking for votes, who doesn’t even realize the voting age is 18 not 21? or 2) A Presidential candidate who says we should close the American embassy in Iran, when we haven’t had an embassy there … Continue reading

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Hating on the ACLU

In Bachmannland (population 1), the fact that the Obama Administration requires the CIA to follow the interrogation methods set out in the Army field manual, means that the government has been infiltrated by the ACLU: We all know that that … Continue reading

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Sharia Sharia

Michele Bachmann is still seeking the Republican nomination and still spreading fear about sharia law in the United States: “The only thing that United States judges should be bound by is the United States Constitution or state constitutions and the … Continue reading

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Which is Closer to Dead?

Bachmann’s chances at the Republican nomination or these cattle?

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The Media’s Absolute Zero

We’ve had to travel to depths of stupidity once unimaginable, but hell has finally frozen over and the media is calling out a republican for saying something that’s simply not true.  Bachmann was free to botch the history of the … Continue reading

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Offending Rick Perry

Michele Bachmann suggested during last night’s debate that Rick Perry initially supported requiring girls in texas to receive an HPV vaccine because of a $5,000 contribution from the vaccine manufacturer, Merck.  Perry responded:  “I raised about thirty million dollars. And … Continue reading

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Of Straws And Men

This morning, we noted the dueling Paul Krugman & Ross Douthat columns on the Republican Party’s deep-seated resentment of factual accuracy. Andrew Gelman flags the portion of Ryan Lizza’s New Yorker profile that actually caused consternation (Douthat linked the profile, but failed to … Continue reading

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The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways

Everything is much simpler to explain when you believe in a god that created the planet a few thousand years ago – a god who sends natural disasters our way because our government spends too much money.  Here’s Bachmman talking to a … Continue reading

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Perry, Bachmann, JFK and the Religious Test

NickGB’s post on Michelle Bachmann’s performance in the Fox News debate prompted a discussion in the comments and off-line about the scope of the “no religious test” provision of the Constitution.  What, if anything, does the Constitution say about the appropriateness … Continue reading

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Oh the Insanity

Newsweek is under fire for publishing this photo on the cover of its latest issue:

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It’s Chutzpah, not Chootspah

Matt Yglesias draws attention to Michele Bachman’s embarrassingly bad pronunciation of the yiddish word, which roughly translates to “nerve” (in a bad way).  For the record, the “chu” in chutzpah is not pronounced like the “choo” in choose.  It’s a gutteral … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann Sins Against The Catechism Of The Republican Party

Everyone knows the correct answer is “Barack Obama”: Michele Bachmann is practically synonymous with political controversy, and if the 2008 presidential election is any guide, the conservative Lutheran church she belonged to for many years is likely to add another … Continue reading

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