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Health Care and the Supreme Court

There’s a lot of tea leaf reading going on about the oral arguments at the Supreme Court. I’ve heard a lot about Jeffrey Toobin’s take, which is: “This was a train wreck for the Obama administration,” he said, echoing the views … Continue reading

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Keep Your ObamaCare Hands Off My ACA

We’ve noted around here a time or two before, as recently as yesterday, that Republicans don’t have views on policy; they just like being part of a side. Jonathan Bernstein, parrying pundits who can’t understand how the GOP could nominate … Continue reading

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The Long-Term Debt Issue Is Health Care Costs

As we’ve discussed before around here, the long-term debt issue is health care costs. Via Matt Yglesias, this chart from Yuval Levin: Below the jump, some more context on this issue, drawing on the previous post.

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How Republicans Argue

Kay at BJ relates a rare tale of reality asserting itself in political debate: Conservatives and media promoted three big lies about the health care law. The law included death panels, it funded abortions, and it was a government takeover of the … Continue reading

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(Our Discourse About) Medicare Is Bankrupt!

Medicare isn’t bankrupt and isn’t nearing bankruptcy. Just as was the case in the 1980s and 1990s when people who hated Medicare claimed it was about to implode, it’s on solid footing. There’s a whole bunch to substantiate that here; … Continue reading

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Now That Obama’s President, America’s A Laughingstock

From today’s LA Times: So frightening is the Yankee example that any British politician who values his job has to explicitly disavow it as a possible outcome. Twice. “We will not be selling off the NHS, we will not be … Continue reading

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Kevin Drum is onto something regarding Medicare:  So why not have dead people pay? They don’t need the money any more, after all. So Medicare stays roughly the same, but every time you receive medical care you also get a … Continue reading

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Intellectual Evisceration Is Meaningless In Politics

Jonathan Chait thinks that seeing a Republican run to the left of the Democrat on cuts to Social Security and Medicare in the NY-23 special election means that Paul Ryan’s plan is dead.  I think this is too simplistic.  

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The Death Of Conservatism As A Political Philosophy

Health care costs are different from costs of, say, toasters or Ford trucks.  Health care decisions are often made in emergency situations, require expert input and action, and are so expensive that they can only be paid for by using … Continue reading

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A Really Big Chart About Health Care Costs

From.  Via.

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The Study Concluded When the Researchers Failed to Escape a Hospital

This really isn’t very encouraging. ‘Global Trigger Tool’ Shows That Adverse Events In Hospitals May Be Ten Times Greater Than Previously Measured We compared three methods to detect adverse events in hospitalized patients, using the same patient sample set from … Continue reading

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In the Strife of Truth with Falsehood: The Present Crisis Explained by Charts

The US federal government has high current debt levels. Though not astronomical by current world standards.

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Just in: The GOP wants you to get cancer in your herpes

Ezra Klein draws attention to the most important graphic in this debate over Planned Parenthood: (source: Planned Parenthood) As with all things that they supposed are “serious people” about, here, the GOP is happy to get rid of an important … Continue reading

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