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Annie Hall 2 – The Ridiculousening

Piggybacking on RE’s post about Jared Diamond, it seems that even Romney’s advisors are having trouble understanding their sources. Romney’s campaign put out a paper by four Romney-loving economists to justify Romney’s attacks on Obama’s handling of the economy and … Continue reading

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Thoma-Collender Dream Team Commentary On The Supercommittee

Mark Thoma: Stan Collender: Not-So-Super Committee Seriously Considers Becoming A Circular Firing Squad, by Stan Collender: A quick note… This story by Robert Pear in today’s New York Times about the latest from the not-so-super committee tells you everything you need to know about the … Continue reading

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Climbing The Ladder

Social mobility is weaker in the US than in most of the rest of the developed world: Meanwhile, between these castes, we’re seeing greater income inequality: (Chart by percentage increase here). Former Fed Chair Paul Volcker said a few years ago, … Continue reading

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Maybe We Can At Least Get The South To Secede Again

The new normal, or an aberration? The biggest bond gains in almost a decade have pushed returns on Treasuries above stocks over the past 30 years, the first time that’s happened since before the Civil War. 

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More GOP Talking Points That Aren’t True

As with the “regulatory uncertainty” talking point, the charge that the Obama administration has let loose with a wave of job-killing regulations isn’t something that any grown-up who likes America believes is true: It has been ignorant and irresponsible actions by … Continue reading

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Every Economist Calls For More Stimulus Spending

Bush Jr. CEA Chief Economist Andrew Samwick highlights a Robert Shiller column calling for infrastructure spending, and adds: Shiller goes on to argue for the balanced-budget aspect of infrastructure improvements in the President’s American Jobs Act proposal.  I would take that, as … Continue reading

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This Moment In Economic History

Astonishing and depressing series of charts from Henry Blodget at Business Insider. A small selection:

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Right-Wing “Regulatory Uncertainty” Talking Point: Still Bogus

There’s some new nonsense about “regulatory uncertainty” being one of the top 10,000 problems facing our economy. Here’s the debunking: I am not persuaded that the measurement of uncertainty in this paper is worthwhile since their metric relies heavily on … Continue reading

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Were We Doomed?

Jon Chait argues that the Republican Party would not have been so opposed to economic growth in the past few years if a Republican had been president: You had an all-Democratic government, led by a charismatic, young, black president. Any … Continue reading

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Some Defunct Economist

Via Jared Bernstein, a chillingly accurate John Maynard Keynes quote from 1933: It is a complete mistake to believe that there is a dilemma between schemes for increasing employment and schemes for balancing the Budget.  There is no possibility of … Continue reading

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They Didn’t Start The Fire

Everyone’s claiming that Europe’s problems arise from the profligacy of bad states like Portugal and Spain. Kash Mansori argues that this is not so, and that the very design of the euro almost guaranteed a crisis: the very design of … Continue reading

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Through A Glass Darkly

Via Andrew Gelman, Dave Backus on what the Nobel Prize-winning work of Thomas Sargent and Christopher Sims means about economics: [O]n causality: they spent more time showing how hard it was to identify causality than showing how to do it. … Continue reading

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(Occupying) Wall Street And The Threat Of Socialism

The Republican Party is proving quite prescient in its persistent sounding the alarm over class warfare and the threat of incipient socialism. Via Tim Noah, an insidious screed against capitalism: [O]ne element of the structural change has to do with a transformation … Continue reading

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Majority Of Americans Favor Socialism And Class Warfare

The context: It appears that tilting the rules of the game to favor the very wealthiest– the raison d’etre of the Republican Party for the past decade or three– doesn’t do much for economic growth or for our well-being generally.

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“Regulatory Uncertainty” Is A Made-Up Not-Real Problem

More from Reagan advisor and “America’s Last Honest Conservative” curiosity, Bruce Bartlett: Republicans have a problem. People are increasingly concerned about unemployment, but Republicans have nothing to offer them. The G.O.P.opposes additional government spending for jobs programs and, in fact, favors big … Continue reading

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Shooting Ourselves In The Foot With A Paddle To Spite Our Face

Greg Ip at the Economist writes: You know, if it weren’t for the politicians, the economy would have a fighting chance. … financial markets are responding primarily not to economic but to political developments. Europe’s perverse insistence on austerity, stemming … Continue reading

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Zero Data To Support “Regulatory Uncertainty” Talking Point

Lawrence Mishel wrote a detailed debunking of the right-wing talking point that “uncertainty” is plaguing our businesses, who are apparently refusing to invest because they’re so scared of Obama’s socialism. Here, he summarizes his argument, and reviews the response from … Continue reading

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Destroying Prosperity By Punishing Our Job Creators With Excessive Taxation

Via this post on his new book, a few charts from Lane Kenworthy on the consequences of excessive taxation. Tax receipts and economic growth: Tax receipts and unemployment: Generally speaking, conservatives simply ignore these deeply politically incorrect facts. Sometimes, though, … Continue reading

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