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The Decline And Fall Of American Conservatism, Or, “The Career Of George Will”

Scott Galupo pointed out a little while back that once upon a time, George Will was capable of engaging in rational thought. There are plenty of amazing sane quotes from three decades ago in that post; here’s one: [A]ll government … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum, Cafeteria Catholic

Via. “Preferential option for the poor” is a phrase deeply rooted in Catholic thought, including in the Catechism. Santorum appears never to have heard of it. This is unsurprising. In a world where conservatism is about attitude rather than policy, self-identification … Continue reading

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Fun Koch Family Facts

Charles and David Koch, notorious for their financing of right-leaning candidates and institutions, inherited the beginnings of their fortune from their grandfather, Fredrick Koch. Fredrick came up with an improved oil refining method, but was shut out of the American market … Continue reading

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Zero Data To Support “Regulatory Uncertainty” Talking Point

Lawrence Mishel wrote a detailed debunking of the right-wing talking point that “uncertainty” is plaguing our businesses, who are apparently refusing to invest because they’re so scared of Obama’s socialism. Here, he summarizes his argument, and reviews the response from … Continue reading

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The GOP Brain Trust: Hannity, Limbaugh, Heritage Foundation

We’ve noted before that the libertarian Cato Institute likes to lie to its readers about what’s going on in the world. I’m under the vague impression that people used to take the Heritage Foundation seriously as a creative conservative think … Continue reading

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Bruce Bartlett On The Problem With The Economy

“It’s the Aggregate Demand, Stupid”: The only policy that will really help is an increase in aggregate demand. Aggregate demand simply means spending — spending by households, businesses and governments for consumption goods and services or investments in structures, machinery … Continue reading

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BREAKING: Paul Ryan Is Full Of Crap

From Jon Chait, reviewing a 2001 AEI discussion of the proposed Bush revenue reductions: [Bob Greenstein of the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities –RE] is taking the sensible position that the 2001 recession seems mild enough that Keynesian tax … Continue reading

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