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Grading Obama’s Presidency

Building on a David Frum column, Sean Patrick Hazlett sets out his three main reasons for his view that Pres. Obama has failed: President Obama’s National Security Policy Undermined American Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts President Obama’s Healthcare Policy Was Ill-Timed, Wasted Valuable … Continue reading

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The Long-Term Debt Issue Is Health Care Costs

As we’ve discussed before around here, the long-term debt issue is health care costs. Via Matt Yglesias, this chart from Yuval Levin: Below the jump, some more context on this issue, drawing on the previous post.

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How Republicans Argue

Kay at BJ relates a rare tale of reality asserting itself in political debate: Conservatives and media promoted three big lies about the health care law. The law included death panels, it funded abortions, and it was a government takeover of the … Continue reading

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