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Miley Cyrus, Robin Thicke, And Blaming The Family

Some folks are blaming Billy Ray Cyrus for the whole thing that happened the other night that everyone is so pissed about. But let’s not forget that Robin Thicke, too, has a famous showbiz father, who was occasionally seen with … Continue reading

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Ross Douthat: The Slightly More Respectable Dick “Joke” Morris

Andrew Sullivan gives Ross Douthat an Yglesias Award (for telling truths his side doesn’t want to hear): “Dick Morris is a joke to every smart conservative in Washington and most every smart conservative under the age of 40 in America. The … Continue reading

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I’m Down On My Knees, I Wanna Take You There

Rod Dreher writes that some conservatives are finding great appeal in Eastern Orthodox Christianity:

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In Which My Estimation Of Davey Johnson’s Managerial Skill Declines A Notch

The guy’s been successful in Baltimore, with the Mets, and in Cincinnati. This year the Nationals are surprising the league. Johnson’s obviously very good at what he does. But you’d think he could say, “he was dealing with some stuff” or … Continue reading

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Sorry But I Can’t Take You

Out of town starting about now. Everyone behave.

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Let The Work Speak For Itself

Pankaj Mishra describes Niall Ferguson’s rise in a review of Ferguson’s latest book: Ferguson became known to the general public with The Pity of War (1998), a long polemic, fluent and bristling with scholarly references, that blamed Britain for causing the First World … Continue reading

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