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Rumors of iGoogle’s demise are not greatly exaggerated

I’ve been getting daily warnings from Google that their customizable dashboard, iGoogle, is about to be taken out to the backyard to have a bullet put in its head. I believe the end of iGoogle (and Google Reader for that … Continue reading

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Somewhere Between Bargaining And Acceptance

I guess we have a blog, so we have to post this stuff. Via James Fallows, here’s a picture of a dead cat turned into a helicopter by its mourning owner: Here’s a video:

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Choosing One’s Own Memory Above That Of The Cameras

nickgb is bummed about all the Giants-Patriots stuff going up on the blog, so it’s obviously time to talk about Carlton Fisk’s home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, and how he’s preserved his memory of it:

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Why SOPA Matters

No serious people care much about the Stop Online Piracy Act, because it’s nerdy and the detractors are all hiding in their moms’ basements watching stolen movies and so forth. Except when they’re not: Okay, now some details. First, remember … Continue reading

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We’re Number Two!

At emitting waste: For the first time, China’s consumers are responsible for more carbon dioxide emissions than their US counterparts are – and consumption in developing countries now generates more carbon dioxide than that in developed countries. 

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Cybersecurity and you

Troubling news about more cyber-vulnerabilities: Hackers gained remote access into the control system of the city water utility in Springfield, Illinois, and destroyed a pump last week, according to a report released by a state fusion center and obtained by … Continue reading

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How We Use Internets

Things are changing: Streaming video content now takes up the majority of online bandwidth, with Netflix accounting for almost one-third of peak downstream traffic, according to the latest study from the traffic management firm Sandvine. The report finds Netflix now claims 32.7 … Continue reading

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IFTTT – My favorite new tool

A long time ago, Yahoo created Pipes, a cool tool that let you scrape info from certain sources (as “pipes”), parse it in a variety of ways, and generate useful output (which is, itself, a “pipe”). It never caught fire, … Continue reading

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Throw in a laser microphone…

Bruce Schneier, the Roman god of freaking you out for things you’d normally laugh at, points us to a very scary paper, here’s the gist: When you type in a password/PIN number on your phone, the phone might have software … Continue reading

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This Week In Getting Screwed By Companies

It’s bad enough that, two decades after the Internet started making inroads into the consumers’ wallets, I pay more for top-speed internet than I ever did before. Turns out that “top-speed” doesn’t actually mean what you think it means. Check … Continue reading

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No Adequate Remedy

In the wake of the 2004 elections, a lot of Kerry supporters were baffled at how it went so wrong. How could the exits have been so off? How about the pre-election polling? A small handful of people saw election fraud … Continue reading

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Charitable games

Every few months or so, there’s a Humble Bundle giveaway. They get a few cool indie games and offer them up to the public for a limited time for the unbeatable price of…wait for it…whatever you want! The page defaults … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Alexander Calder

Calder is one of those guys I never would have known except that a number of his sculptures live around the National Mall, and they’re hard to miss. Bright red sheet metal, several stories high. Personally, I’m a big fan … Continue reading

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When people ask me why Apple sucks, I’m just forwarding this link

John Siracusa has written an epic, EPIC, rundown of Apple’s new operating system Lion (which, at least by its versioning, is a minor update, but that doesn’t stop them from charging you $70 for a USB installation). It’s really long, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Google Plus so far

Honestly, I’ve been loving it so far. No third-party apps mean that I don’t get foursquare badges and Zynga crap constantly (though I’ve blocked those anyway). It’s fast and responsive. And so far, only people who really seem to “get … Continue reading

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It’s rabbit holes all the way down…

In case you thought that the NotW story had finally blown its wad with arrests, government corruption, and the death of a whistleblower, it looks like it may get more interesting: LulzSec claimed responsibility today for hacking the website of The Sun, another Murdoch … Continue reading

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Why The Lytro Camera is a Gimmick (But Still Cool)

As much as RE hates news media for being morons, so do I hate tech media for the same problems. Today’s case in point, the Lytro Camera, as summarized by Rarely does a purely optical innovation grab the attention … Continue reading

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Google+ and the future

Today’s XKCD is hilarious but, I think, not quite optimistic enough: When you look at the features that Google+ has, it does just feel…awesome. There are some very cool Google-driven features that make Facebook look like it’s targeted at tweens. … Continue reading

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