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Not Wasting Any Time

I wonder whether or not the Giants will follow suit: The N.F.L. did not wait until black Monday to begin its annual wholesale dumping of coaches. The Cleveland Browns were so eager to fire Rob Chudzinski — only a year … Continue reading

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Because Things Are As They Are, That Is How They Must Be

The unfortunately predominant flaw in today’s conservatism– an unreflective defense of the status quo and lashing out at bothersome facts– is perfectly illustrated by this gentleman’s silly little crusade: According to a guest speaker at this weekend’s Values Voters Summit … Continue reading

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Consider Me Skeptical

The Giants have followed six consecutive losses with four consecutive wins, triggering hopes among fans that they could find their way into the playoffs this year given the weakness of the division. I am still not convinced this team is … Continue reading

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Men play football

Former New York Giants star linebacker Lawrence Taylor (“LT”) doesn’t like the direction the NFL is heading in: Taylor spoke enthusiastically about how he was taught to form tackle — and how he put his own vicious spin on the … Continue reading

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The NFC Least

Sure we’re only two weeks into the NFL season, but things are already looking pretty bleak for the once-proud NFC East Division. The teams are a collective 2-6 and those two wins both came from intra-division games. Or, to put … Continue reading

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Media Bias And Concussions

Dave Zirin of The Nation reports on ESPN pulling out of a documentary on concussions and professional football. It seems likely to me that this bias usually rears its head by reporters’ decisions what (not) to focus on, rather than this kind … Continue reading

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I still won’t watch

The NFL is changing up the Pro Bowl: The NFL is overhauling the Pro Bowl, eliminating the AFC-NFC format in favor of captains picking 43 players per team regardless of conference. In addition, kickoffs will be eliminated from the game … Continue reading

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Tebow Pats

Gotta say, this is pretty funny: tebow will start against the jets and win and belicheck will become the master troll — Jose Canseco (@JoseCanseco) June 10, 2013 Here’s what I wrote about Tebow in the middle of the Tebowmania … Continue reading

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Begging the Question

Who keeps over $440,000 in jewelry in a hotel-room safe? New York Giants defensive tackle Shaun Rogers told police that he had $440,000 worth of jewelry stolen last weekend while he was staying at a hotel in Miami Beach. According … Continue reading

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Why Welker Walked

The incomparable Greg Bedard discusses what the Patriots might have been thinking: If the Patriots only had one standout tight end, Welker would absolutely be the right guy to go forward with this offense. But because they have invested so … Continue reading

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Happy Mossmas

Eight years ago today was one of my favorite moments in football history. NSFW. Context below.

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Someone Finally Found A Use For Dan Shaughnessy

Arian Foster’s Twitter profile picture is an excerpt from yesterday’s Shaughnessy column:   Generating bulletin board material is about the best that can be expected from the seemingly universally disliked Boston Globe sportswriter.

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What The Internet Will Be Talking About Today

So, Rex Ryan evidently has a tattoo on his arm, of his wife wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey while Tebowing.

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ESPN’s First Take just keeps getting worse

I hate to pile on a show that is already demonstrably stupid, but this particular story is just awful: Parker states that he can’t tell if RG3 is a brother or cornball brother because A- he has a white fiancee and … Continue reading

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ESPN’s ridiculous stance on women

There’s a lot about sports reporting and the way women are involved that irritates me. For example, why don’t we ever have female commentators on men’s sports? Sure, they typically like to have an ex-player on the team, but why … Continue reading

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Football and Politics

I caught the Fox NFL pregame show for the first time this season this past Sunday and was surprised at how funny this bit was:

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Take Back Thursdays

Bill Simmons, never known for his brevity, provides a surprisingly succinct takedown of the NFL for adding more Thursday night NFL games this season while claiming to care about player safety/health: The league’s Thursday-night commitment keeps getting lost in the shuffle when Goodell … Continue reading

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Second Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Given that there’s unlikely to be an NHL playoffs this year, I got to thinking about other good times in the sports year.  We’re clearly in the midst of one of them — the NL and AL championship series are … Continue reading

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