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The World Cup of Corruption

I love watching soccer and I’m excited for the World Cup, but the growing evidence of widespread corruption in domestic leagues and international play is definitely giving me pause: A soccer referee named Ibrahim Chaibou walked into a bank in … Continue reading

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A defensive battle

The New York Rangers and Montreal Canadiens will face off in the Eastern Conference Finals, which begin on Saturday. (Some team from Chicago is playing some team from California in the other NHL conference final- the one that nobody cares … Continue reading

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Sterling Silver Lining

This, from the NY Post, is pretty mean: This could wind up being a pretty short ban. Disgraced racist Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling is battling cancer — surprising those around him by beating the final buzzer for as … Continue reading

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Revenge is a dish best served cold

Hockey players are in a class all by themselves when it comes to fighting and revenge: Philadelphia Flyers head coach Craig Berube accumulated nearly 3,200 penalty minutes during an NHL career that last 1,052 games. He earned all that time … Continue reading

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Deeply Compelling?

The New York Daily News‘ Andy Martino searches desperately for a reason to feel good about the Mets starting Dillon Gee against the Nationals’ Stephen Strassburg: Phenom stories are tiresome: Guy is born awesome, guy stays awesome, fans get all … Continue reading

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Big Game Today

And really, who wouldn’t want the country that gave the world this awful song to be crushed?

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Russian Heckling: A Primer

I somehow don’t see this expression gaining traction in the U.S.: A crowd of mainly students erected a large banner in front of the embassy reading, “Turn the referee into soap!”, a common Russian chant at sporting events, implying the … Continue reading

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Cigarette Break

Times sure have changed. Check out this halftime photo of Kansas City Chiefs Quarterback Len Dawson from the first Super Bowl. No wonder the Chiefs got “smoked” in the second half.

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Playing “Politics”

This blog places a lot of focus on double-speak of the American political (and particularly, Republican) variety, but it’s worth remembering that double-speak knows no geographic boundaries: 1) The United Arab Emirates permitted entry to all players on a Dutch … Continue reading

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Great choice

The New Jersey Devils and Philadelphia 76ers are the first two American pro sports teams to announce business deals to promote online gambling: A multiyear deal worth a reported $10 million with, a site that enables players in New … Continue reading

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Not Wasting Any Time

I wonder whether or not the Giants will follow suit: The N.F.L. did not wait until black Monday to begin its annual wholesale dumping of coaches. The Cleveland Browns were so eager to fire Rob Chudzinski — only a year … Continue reading

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Amateur Olympians

I can’t be the only person to wonder whether, if the average person had a few years to devote to the sole purpose of training, he or she could become good enough at curling to compete at the Olympics. The … Continue reading

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Because Things Are As They Are, That Is How They Must Be

The unfortunately predominant flaw in today’s conservatism– an unreflective defense of the status quo and lashing out at bothersome facts– is perfectly illustrated by this gentleman’s silly little crusade: According to a guest speaker at this weekend’s Values Voters Summit … Continue reading

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Consider Me Skeptical

The Giants have followed six consecutive losses with four consecutive wins, triggering hopes among fans that they could find their way into the playoffs this year given the weakness of the division. I am still not convinced this team is … Continue reading

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Proposed Baseball Rule Changes

Joe Posnanski writes about what might happen if baseball season were 16 games, played once a week:

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Men play football

Former New York Giants star linebacker Lawrence Taylor (“LT”) doesn’t like the direction the NFL is heading in: Taylor spoke enthusiastically about how he was taught to form tackle — and how he put his own vicious spin on the … Continue reading

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The NFC Least

Sure we’re only two weeks into the NFL season, but things are already looking pretty bleak for the once-proud NFC East Division. The teams are a collective 2-6 and those two wins both came from intra-division games. Or, to put … Continue reading

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Mariano Rivera Is The Pope Francis Of Sports

I’ve been saying for awhile that as a Sox fan, I hate the Yankees, but there’s a bunch of guys on the Yankees that I think are the best– Jeter, Rivera, formerly Torre. But I didn’t know the half of … Continue reading

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