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Situation Normal, GOP

A recent Gallup poll found that there’s slight movement overall among Americans toward supporting compromise by their legislators over “stick[ing] to their beliefs even if little gets done”. Here’s a breakdown by party: That poll offers a middle ground; polling … Continue reading

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Paranoid Style And Its Discontents

Molly Redden notes that GOP strategists are afraid that their candidates will speak in public without notes, and say crazy things about rape that repel almost everyone. She’s writing in the context of the upcoming Georgia US Senate race, but … Continue reading

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There’s your problem

A new poll by Pew suggests that the rightward drift of the GOP is not about to stop anytime soon: Move in a more conservative or moderate direction on policy? By 54% to 40%, Republican and Republican-leaning voters want the … Continue reading

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Please let it be true

If there is any sense of humor in the universe, this will happen: Erick Erickson is looking at a move from editing RedState to representing a red state. The leading conservative blogger told his radio audience that he is “prayerfully … Continue reading

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