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Wait Until They Got You Runnin’ To The White Rally

Rep. Steve King is having an anti-immigration rally marketed at the Tea Party. Along with the focal crazy sign in this picture from journalist Jordan Fabian, there’s a Gadsden flag and I think an Israeli flag:

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Reviews Of Marco Rubio’s SOTU Response

Yesterday I noted the lack of substance in Marco Rubio’s SOTU response; here, Paul Krugman examines his economics logic, then concludes: So Rubio has embraced an economic doctrine that was fairly stupid to begin with, and has produced ludicrously wrong … Continue reading

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What The Internet Will Be Talking About Today

So, Rex Ryan evidently has a tattoo on his arm, of his wife wearing nothing but a Mark Sanchez jersey while Tebowing.

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Incredibly powerful photography

I haven’t done near enough blogging about photography, which I need to fix. Here’s one attempt at remedying that, courtesy of the New York Times: The photographer is Dominic Bracco II, and the photo is a couple in Juarez, killed … Continue reading

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