Poison Your Mind is a collaborative blog by two guys in Washington, DC and one who confused Washington the city with Washington the state.  Their friends got tired of hearing them talk and suggested they start blogging. Or that they shut up. One of those might not have been suggested, actually. We talk politics, books, current events, and if nickgb gets his way, hot celebrity photos. reflectionephemeral [@ gmail.com] would rather just host a Red Sox/Patriots fan forum. dedc79 would rather just sign on to reflectionephemeral’s fan forum to remind him of the 1986 Mets World Series Championship and the two times the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.

13 Responses to About

  1. dedc79 says:

    Give me the password, damnit! Is it the same as the combination on your luggage?

  2. pino says:

    Great blog guys! It’s clear that we might disagree, but I find your arguments compelling.

    One suggestion: Add the widgets for Recent posts and Recent comments.

  3. Sean Hazlett says:

    I love it!

    The ads are tastefully placed, but there notheless.

    Ah, capitalism….

  4. pino says:

    Any clear path forward on notifying by email of comments to a post?

    • nickgb says:

      Is “maybe” an acceptable answer? Life and work are getting in the way of anything right now, but I’ll take a look when I can.

      • pino says:

        Is “maybe” an acceptable answer?


        If you are my wife, you may say “maybe” at will.
        If you are me, you may never say “maybe”.

        But I get it.

        I thought maybe the feature was an inherant wordpress.com one or that you had decided not to do it for some reason.

  5. pino says:

    Are you looking for that feature that, when you post a comment, you can check a box to send you an email when comments come later? That has to be in here…


  6. circuitous says:

    Always a pleasure to stumble upon thoughtful discourse on current and timeless subjects. ReflectionEphemeral seems to me like an answer to Reflection Eternal and thus a Nujabes reference. I will incubate this thought and return to lurk in due time.

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