This is actually a thing?

Sandy Hook “trutherism“:

A playground in Mystic, Connecticut, dedicated to a girl shot during the Newtown massacre, is allegedly being vandalized by “truthers” who claim the shooting never took place.

A vinyl sign weighing 50 pounds was stolen last Tuesday from the Grace McDonnell Playground.

The sign featured a peace symbol that was based on the 7-year-old girl’s drawing. She is one of the 20 children shot by Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut on Dec. 14, 2012.

Grace’s mother, Lynn McDonnell, found out about the theft when a man claiming to have stolen the sign called her.

During a brief conversation, the sign-stealer allegedly told McDonnell that he took the sign because he believes the school shooting was a hoax, reports.

He also taunted her that her daughter never existed, a comment that suggested he thought McDonnell was part of the alleged conspiracy.

I’d just note that if it truly was all a ploy to enact gun control legislation (AND IT MOST CERTAINLY WAS NOT), then it failed miserably.

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One Response to This is actually a thing?

  1. nickgb says:

    We live in a world with a not insubstantial population of people who believe anything and everything is a conspiracy. We also live in a world with a not insubstantial population of trolls who would do something like this because they like provoking reactions. Between the crazies and the sociopaths, who knows which will kill us first…

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