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1) Megyn Kelly needs to (1) have a talk with her parents that she should have had a long time ago, (2) read some history books, (3) talk to some Christians from different racial/ethnic backgrounds, (4)visit the Middle East to see what the people there look like, and (5) get her head out of her ass:

Kelly started talking about the skin color of Santa Claus and Jesus during a segment about a Slate piece by Aisha Harris. Harris’ piece, titled Santa Claus Should Not Be a White Man Anymore argues that it’s time Santa Claus gets a 21st century makeover, suggesting maybe that Santa Claus be a large penguin. Kelly responded to the Slate piece, saying:

Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That’s a verifiable fact — as is Santa. I just want the kids watching to know that. My point is, how do you just revise it in the middle of the legacy of the story and change Santa from white to black?

2) This is just plain awesome:

Wednesday the newest addition to the holiday displays in the public spaces of the Florida Capitol, a pole representing the fictitious holiday Festivus, joined a manger depicting the birth of Jesus and a recently removed menorah in celebration of Hanukkah.

The menorah was removed at the end of Hanukkah.

“This is about separation of church and state,” Stevens said pointing to various other holiday displays saying they shouldn’t be in the Capitol either. “The government shouldn’t be in the business of allowing the mixture of church and state.”

Stevens, a Deerfield Beach blogger, is erecting the monument –a plot line played out in a 1997 episode of the NBC sitcom “Seinfeld”—after securing the permit from the Department of Management Services and just a week after the nativity scene was installed by the Florida Prayer Network.

In the TV series, character Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) invented the “holiday” in opposition to the commercialism and stress that comes with the holiday season.
Festivus is celebrated on Dec. 23, but the pole will remain in the Capitol until Jan. 3, along with the other holiday displays. It sits opposite a sign from the Freedom from Religion Foundation.

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  • Pino

    Megyn Kelly needs to

    Funny thing, I watched Kelly last night for the first time. The only talk show I watch is Bill. And only then once in 3-4 days. But I recorded her show to catch it.

    And I winced at both the white Santa thing as well as the white Jesus.

    Taking the second first, my favorite print of Jesus that I have has him depicted with dark skin – as I would expect him to have.

    The first one second – man…I’ve hated that for a long time now.

    I’ve always taught my kids that Santa represents the idea of Christmas love – that being “nice” is the first step in having things kinda work their way back to you – a child’s version of karma. And more to the point, that people in countries that don’t see snow are visited by Santa as well.

    And he appears to them as they image the blessings of the season would look.* So that a little boy or girl living in Puerto Rico – my wife’s heritage – may or may not see a Santa dressed in winter clothes driving reindeer.

    All of which is to say that I agree with you in this case.

    * This resembles my concept of deity as well. I believe in a Supreme Power, but I am fully aware that such an entity reveals herself in the context of the culture/individual.

    This is what allows me to pray with a Jew, a Muslim, a Hindu etc and know that all of our prayers are heard.

    • dedc79

      Definitely not one of her finer moments. I will admit (as embarassing as this is) that the first time I considered that Jesus might not be white was watching the film Malcom X in high school. Now, to be honest, I hadn’t done a whole lot of thinking about Jesus at all, but I had just kind of assumed that to the extent he may have existed as a historical figure, he probably looked something like how he was depicted in the paintings.
      The Santa part is where she really loses me because it seems entirely unnecessary and mean-spirited (in addition to ignorant).
      In any event, her whole rant really made Harris’ point better than Harris did.

      • Pino

        I will admit (as embarassing as this is) that the first time I
        considered that Jesus might not be white was watching the film Malcom X
        in high school.

        An interesting story – that jazz club I worked at in Settle was owned by a biracial couple and the guy, Jimmy, was black.

        I was working one night and he was having a conversation with one of our regulars and they were talking religion. I wasn’t listening so much as I was “auditing” when I heard him say, “Mary, we black people know that Jesus is white.”

        I’ll never forget that. It may be difficult for non-Christians to wrap their head around this, but I was struck by the implication that your personal savior didn’t “look like you”.

        Jimmy was an older guy so I’m sure his youth was much more exposed to the bitter bigotry than I ever saw – if a white guy can even see it – but I just couldn’t shake the image of the horrifying acts of violence perpetrated on the black man only to tell him that his Savior was white.

        Anyway, where were we…? Oh yeah, Megyn Kelly. Tough go of it that night.

        • Lamb

          Do you often ‘audit’ biracial couples at jazz clubs? I’d like to hear some more interesting stories.

          • Pino

            Do you often ‘audit’ biracial couples at jazz clubs?


            Cause nothing says “Value Added Content” like that.

            However, read again.

            I worked at a jazz club owned by a couple, he was black and she was white.

            One of them, Jimmy, was having a conversation, at the bar where I was bartending, discussing religion as it pertained to race with a white regular.

            They were not a “couple”, they were two friends discussing a very interesting topic. Not only was I interested personally in the conversation, but I was being paid to pay attention to them – at least to her.

            The point of the detail that the couple was biracial is important; the whole flippin’ point of this post is the tension of a white Jesus and a white Santa in the context of a black man [in the specific case above the reporter is female]. So yeah, when a black guy mentions that he “knows Jesus was white”, it’s important to mention that he is black.

          • Lamb

            So, by “couple” you meant 1b and not 1a; is that correct?

            Full Definition of COUPLE


            a : two persons married, engaged, or otherwise romantically paired
            b : two persons paired together

    • Lamb

      Believe what you want. God doesn’t hear the Hindus.

  • Pino

    Megyn Kelly needs to

    Stop the presses – Megyn Kelly on right now revisiting her segment!

    • dedc79

      just saw it. Interesting direction to take it – that it was a joke and people are just going after her because she’s on fox.

  • Pino

    So, by “couple” you meant 1b and not 1a; is that correct?

    I’m struggling on this.

    I am posting that I agree with the author – a somewhat rare event. And I feel that even that isn’t enough. I don’t think that you are replying to me as it relates to the comments, rather that you are trying to bait.

    Anyway, as it pertains to the owners of the club – they were a Couple; 1A. Specifically, “otherwise romantically paired”.

    There was no other 1b couple, just Jimmy, the owner, sitting at the bar I was tending, having a conversation with a white woman, a regular, discussing the racial aspects of Jesus.

    • Lamb

      I’m asking about racial aspects as well. Why is it relevant that this couple was biracial? What difference does it make in strengthening your point, compared to an anecdote where this fact was omitted?