Do No Harm (unless the patient is poor or old)

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The AAPS is a “free-market group,” which I suppose means libertarian nowadays, that opposes Obamacare and is trying to secede from the public health care system entirely.  The usual clowns are carrying the water here:

Paul himself hasn’t endorsed physicians pulling out of the third-party system, but he has said that if a “right to health care” is invoked, then doctors could be conscripted against their will.  ”It means you believe in slavery,” Paul said in a clip from a Senate committee hearing posted by the AAPS YouTube account.

Of course, their reasons include a slight nod to patient care:

Orient warned that the law was effectively a “rationing mechanism” that could prevent Americans from receiving the care that they need (or being left to pay for it on their own) if their insurance company denies their claims to keep its bottom line afloat.

So, members of the group are refusing to provide care to people who use any public assistance, because doing so might mean people don’t get the care they need, and not giving them the care they need will somehow fix that!  In case that absurdity wasn’t enough, check out this other initiative by the group, keeping in mind that Rand Paul (a member, of course) is already calling out against the slavery of “a right to health care”:

The AAPS New Jersey chapter is also sponsoring a bill to require physicians to spend a minimum amount of time (48 hours over three months) working at a free non-government health care clinic to provide care to low-income populations.

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  • dedc79

    Haven’t insurance companies been “rationing” care for as long as they’ve existed?