Reviews Of Marco Rubio’s SOTU Response

Yesterday I noted the lack of substance in Marco Rubio’s SOTU response; here, Paul Krugman examines his economics logic, then concludes:

So Rubio has embraced an economic doctrine that was fairly stupid to begin with, and has produced ludicrously wrong predictions these past four years; this on top of accepting a completely bogus story about how we got into this mess in the first place. The GOP’s savior!

Here, Jon Chait looks at Rubio’s wording on climate change, then concludes:

So what’s going on here is that Rubio wants to uphold the Republican position without coming across to non-Republicans as a total yahoo. So he is not directly questioning the carbon-climate link, but instead moving his skepticism to the climate-weather link. Saying “government can’t control the weather”sounds plausible enough — a way to take a position that doesn’t sound completely insane to audiences but is, in fact, completely insane. In this way, it is the quintessential Marco Rubio utterance.

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