Someone book the chair from the RNC


Courtesy of dedc, who was too lazy to screenshot it.

tempFor what it’s worth, all debates before and after it are filled up.


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  • dedc79

    Gail Collins was busy that day

  • Jean-Paul Bondy

    The “center” hates David Brooks almost as much as much as it hates the GOP. So, the GOP must seize the center while simultaneously dying.

  • reflectionephemeral

    Was just watching the Hitchens & Fry vs. some pro-Catholic Church folks on Intelligence Squared from a few years ago. I like the idea of the show– lengthy discussions of controversial topics. But too often they’ll have some Danielle Pletka type up there offering a bunch of easily debunked nonsense. Presenting “both sides” doesn’t do much good, when one side doesn’t care about real life very much. We’ve addressed that problem here on occasion…