Talk Now, Ask Questions Later

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  1. dedc79 says:

    New rule for the press: If someone calls a press conference but insists on not allowing questions, then don’t cover the press conference.

  2. Pino says:

    “This is the beginning of a serious conversation. We won’t be taking any questions.”

    That is [not] AWESOME!

  3. Alan Scott says:

    dedc79 ,

    I agree with you . Now we won’t have to hear about an Obama press conference . Or maybe where he only takes easy questions . It’s wonderful how Obama and his henchmen filter out the bad questions and stack the press room with friendlies .

    • dedc79 says:

      The rule should apply across the board.

    • dedc79 says:

      The rest of your comment is nonsense. who is being excluded?

      • Alan Scott says:

        Seriously? This administration is great at avoiding tough questions . How often does the President actually have any news conferences ? How often does he call on anyone when he does have one, who does not throw softballs at him . If you want a concrete example of press management that actually failed, you can go back to 2009 and the attempted exclusion of FoxNews from interviews with Obama’s pay Czar K. Feinberg .

        Even a CBS reporter Chip Reid , complained about Obama ignoring questions in July of 2011 . Hypocrisy is not even a challenge to prove when speaking of this group . Better not misbehave by daring to shout unfriendly questions .

        • vicomtepicabia says:

          Stone edifice to dwarf Giza pyramid, be built by the homeless
          “Even though I haven’t been inaugurated yet, it’s never too early to begin placating Osiris,” Romney says.

          • Alan Scott says:

            vicomtepicabia ,

            Good sarcasm has an element of truth that you twist to wring out the humor . Examples : If Congress doesn’t give the President the taxes he wants to close the deficit, no problemo, he will just print more money. The President does not lie, you can’t hear the truth . This is the most transparent Administration ever, with your X-Ray glasses you can see their big hearts . Green energy does work , , , for everybody except the taxpayers .

            And who thinks Osiris and Giza are funny ? Guess you had to be there .

          • vicomtepicabia says:

            Hey, weren’t you about to tell me what steps you’re taking to “go underground”? How’s that coming?

          • Alan Scott says:

            vicomtepicabia ,

            Ever notice how often people on your side of the isle shout that others they disagree with should just shut up . I take them at their word that they will take away my right of free speech .

            I am researching secret technology for the day when the Bolsheviks monitor the private communications of their enemies and punish them for disloyalty to the state. It sure looks like one side will control that state for a long time . Those of us on the out side must adjust . You certainly have not a thing to be concerned about .

          • vicomtepicabia says:

            If the technology is secret, how are you researching it?

        • dedc79 says:

          You couldn’t find much huh. I’m looking for more recent numbers, but as of 2010, Obama had averaged approximately the same number of press conferences as Clinton and W. You referred to “henchman” filtering out bad questions, and your only example doesn’t even involve Obama. It was Obama who gave Fox News a front row seat at the white house press conferences even though they deserve to be out on the street.
          As I said above, I think that Presidents, Obama included, should do more press conferences and answer more questions. What I object to is your suggestion that Obama’s behavior to date has somehow been worse than his predecessors.

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