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Happy New Year

It seems that all of us have taken off to celebrate the new year early, but I wanted to say thank you to all our readers who have stuck with us this year. We’ve been overwhelmed by the great commenters … Continue reading

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Germans Are Squares

The English-language results for 2012’s most popular Wikipedia articles don’t reflect especially intellectual pursuits, but man, this is amazingly lame: 

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Song Worms

Have been unable to get two songs out of my head. First, a song by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros Second, while I thought the new Les Miserables film was wonderful, it didn’t do justice to this song:  

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A Well Regulated Militia

Tony Horwitz, author of Confederates in the Attic, has a guest post over at Ta-Nehisi Coates’ blog, where he finds parallels between the “tactics and rhetoric” of today’s NRA and those of pro-slavery forces in the period leading up to … Continue reading

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Johnny Cash responds to the NRA press conference

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Everyone Agrees With Me: The GOP Is About Resentment

Stuff that I’ve been typing down over & over again the past few years is suddenly emerging as the new conventional wisdom. Jon Chait: reasonable compromise to avert the fiscal cliff is impossible. Republicans, as a whole, don’t even seem … Continue reading

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Talk Now, Ask Questions Later

Exact quote just now from the NRA press conference. “This is the beginning of a serious conversation. We won’t be taking any questions.” — Jay Rosen(@jayrosen_nyu) December 21, 2012

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Serenity Now!

I believe the appropriate thing to do, Mr. Boehner, is to step down as Speaker: Things were so bad for Speaker John Boehner Thursday night, support for his Plan B tax bill so diminished, the limits of his power with … Continue reading

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When you’ve lost Jennifer Rubin…

I’m sure it’s only a momentary glitch, but I was surprised to see Jennifer Rubin, the GOP’s megaphone at the Washington Post, acknowledge this: This sort of display suggests Republicans are not capable of governing. What was an argument by … Continue reading

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“It cannot be overstated how little we ever thought anyone would read this”

In three parts, here’s an interview with Ken Tremendous, DAK, and Junior, the proprietors of the brilliant, much lamented sports blog Fire Joe Morgan, to which I referred recently. I’ve just glanced through it, but there’s a surprising amount there … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Mix

Tried to dig a little deeper than a certain REM song…. End of the World Party – Medeski Martin & Wood The Temptation of Adam – Josh Ritter Party at Ground Zero – Fishbone After the Gold Rush – Neil … Continue reading

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Bork’s Confirmation Hearing

Brad DeLong posts a lengthy excerpt from Sen. Kennedy’s questions to Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork. A tiny snippet: KENNEDY: I am just wondering if you have changed your view that the Supreme Court was wrong in the Harper case … Continue reading

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Taste Of A Poison Paradise

The way to be popular among Republicans is to do stuff that makes normal people hate you: Just last month when we took a first look at the 2014 landscape we talked about how much Rick Snyder had improved his popularity during … Continue reading

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*Batteries Not Included

Do you remember the first movie that you hated?  As little kids, most of us probably weren’t all that discriminating in what we’d watch on tv or in the movie theater, I know I wasn’t.  When we were all under … Continue reading

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Always get the price upfront

I didn’t see this story pass through any of my usual channels, but I’ve been buried in work lately, so if this is redundant, apologies in advance. Romney’s campaign is charging reporters ridiculous rates for their food and travel: Nine … Continue reading

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An NRA Fantasy

The problem isn’t that there are too many guns, it’s that these poor kids are sitting ducks in “gun free zones.” We’ve been letting those hippie, socialist, bed-wetting liberals run things for decades and the result is clear – lots … Continue reading

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Libertarian Gun Control Proposals

Jon Chait read a Megan McArdle article. He is amazed: McArdle begins her essay with a prescient harbinger (“There just aren’t good words to talk about Newtown.”) but recovers to churn out a fairly standard libertarian argument about why various … Continue reading

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The Self-Proclaimed Racist is a Dying Breed

Some depressing news out of Russia: Fans of two-time defending Russian champion Zenit St. Petersburg are calling for non-white and gay players to be excluded from the team. Landscrona, the largest Zenit fan club, released a manifesto Monday demanding the … Continue reading

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