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GOP Minority Outreach Efforts, Vol. 2

So the 72-percent white electorate on election day wasn’t quite white enough to allow Romney to win the presidency. Everyone’s been talking about the GOP’s need to reach out to the fast-growing Hispanic demographic, but it’s worth noting that they … Continue reading

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Prior to the end of the world as we knew it

Here’s a recently released 40 minute video of R.E.M. in concert back in 1981 before they’d even released their first E.P.:

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GOP Minority Outreach Efforts, Vol. 1

So there’s such a thing as “Fox News Latino”. Google News linked me to a Fox News story this morning; here’s what Fox News thinks Latinos want to read about:

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Making The Pie Higher: Ideology Vs. Data

Kay at Balloon Juice flags an interview with a financial journalist following the shocked wealthy people who supported Romney: First, they’re absolutely convinced that they’re not asking for special privileges for themselves. They’re convinced that it just so happens that … Continue reading

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Society Is Tyranny

So Warren Buffett is advocating a return to surplus-era rates. The usual suspects are in high dudgeon– “taxation is tyranny! Why doesn’t he donate more if he loves taxes so much?” This is deeply silly, of course. When we talk … Continue reading

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Please let it be true

If there is any sense of humor in the universe, this will happen: Erick Erickson is looking at a move from editing RedState to representing a red state. The leading conservative blogger told his radio audience that he is “prayerfully … Continue reading

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Dusting The Pledge

The Washington Post wonders if Grover Norquist’s magic is gone: Norquist, a zealous, self-promoting Washington icon who ­presides over a weekly meeting of top conservative players, has quietly amassed an extraordinary amount of power in the Republican Party without ever … Continue reading

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Don’t Wanna Pray

Had this song been released in 1969 and not 2012, it probably would have been a hit.  Regardless, I like it:

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ESPN’s ridiculous stance on women

There’s a lot about sports reporting and the way women are involved that irritates me. For example, why don’t we ever have female commentators on men’s sports? Sure, they typically like to have an ex-player on the team, but why … Continue reading

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The Judgment Of History Is Never Final

Alan Jacobs at The American Conservative writes: At his wonderful Paleofuture blog, Matt Novak explains that “In 1936, a quarterly magazine for book collectors called The Colophon polled its readers to pick the ten authors whose works would be considered classics in the … Continue reading

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He probably thinks union cards are a hassle to keep in your wallet

Scott Walker transparently goes after same-day registration in the wake of large numbers of same-day registered Obama voters. His reasoning was that it was too much work for poll workers: Walker said asking pollworkers to also register voters made for … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunities

I had tickets to see WU LYF about a year ago in DC but ended up not making it to the show.  I figured it was no big deal given that they were a new band and would be back … Continue reading

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As Thanksgiving continues its devolution from family holiday to shopping extravaganza, make sure to put aside some time for one of the best Thanksgiving traditions out there – the playing of Arlo Guthrie’s “Alice’s Restaurant”

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How Humans Act

Over at David Frum’s place, Justin Green writes of Hamas: “Endorsing terrorist strikes on civilian populations is not something civilized (or even vaguely modern) organizations do.” This is quite true. And the Gaza Strip is not civilized or modern. The PPP … Continue reading

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From Pew: In a busy news week, more Americans say they followed the debate over the “fiscal cliff” very closely than … the FBI investigation that led to David Petraeus’s resignation as CIA Director after it found he was having … Continue reading

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Good Riddance

Election day may be long gone, but the good news keeps coming: Rep. Allen West on Tuesday conceded in his re-election effort in Florida’s 18th Congressional District, but suggested he will still be active in politics or public office. The … Continue reading

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This Day In HIStory

It was thirty years ago today that Michael Jackson’s Thriller was released. Here’s an important fact about that classic album:

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A future train-wreck or masterpiece?

Not sure what to think about this music/theater news: Hallelujah indeed: a Jeff Buckley musical is in development, with a series of workshops due in New York early next year. A contemporary retelling of Romeo and Juliet set to Buckley’s … Continue reading

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