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GOP: “The Stimulus Didn’t Work. The Proof Is That We Say So.”

I just happened to see this new anti-Obama ad from the Republican National Committee on TV a few minutes ago. I was surprised to see the claim that the Obama administration offered $800 billion in “stimulus that didn’t work”. After … Continue reading

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Less Popular Than W

Obama benefited from former President Bill Clinton’s appearance at the Democratic National Convention.  Maybe Romney should have sought help from the last Republican President, who is, unbelievably, now more popular than Romney: A Bloomberg News National Poll released Wednesday has … Continue reading

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Romney: Obama Is A Good Family Man Who Cares About The Middle Class And Also Wants To Destroy America

Michael Tracey at The American Conservative tries to take Mitt Romney’s words seriously, so he winds up outraged: So which is it? Either Obama is “foreign” and dangerous and has cynically gamed the system to keep 47 percent of Americans … Continue reading

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We are the sons of no one

With any music you want to listen to available at the click of a button, you can trace the music of your favorite bands back to their early influences in a matter of minutes.  So it was that after I … Continue reading

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Burying the Lede

Fox News has a new poll out today.  I went over to their site to find out what the poll had to say about the presidential election. The first thing I saw was the headline, which looked like this: That … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s News Is Tomorrow’s Fish ‘N’ Chip Paper

The GOP’s drift into militant oppositionism is particularly galling because it’s transparently unserious and opportunistic. Longtime right-wing ideas like the EITC, housing vouchers, the individual health insurance mandate, cap and trade, etc., have suddenly become completely toxic to the GOP. Those … Continue reading

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The GOP Unskewed

With virtually every polling organization other than Rasmussen showing Obama pulling into a substantial lead over Romney both nationally and in the major swing states, Republicans are getting desperate for some good news.  Well, they’ve found their knight in shining … Continue reading

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Again I say to you, it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for one who is rich to enter the kingdom of God

This happened almost a year ago, but I just found out about it so I’m posting about it now. A big 80th birthday bash happened last November: Cardinal Bernard Law was treated to a lavish birthday spread, the company of … Continue reading

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Masters Of Disaster

Scott Gallupo wonders if Romney will lose, the economy will continue its too-slow recovery, and the GOP retakes power in 2016 without reforming. Disaster for America is the best the Republican Party can hope for, ’cause they’re sure not about … Continue reading

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We’re #1

… at weathering financial crises, from an unemployment perspective, except Japan whose atypical structure and subsequent experience no one would want to emulate. Sounds like a good Obama 2012 slogan! From Josh Lehner: Yet another nail in the coffin of … Continue reading

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The Way Things Work In Our Political Discourse

I dig up and cite an awful lot of data & charts in order to explain why I favor the policies I do. Maybe it’s all a waste of time. From this Jill Lepore article in the New Yorker on … Continue reading

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Garbage In, Garbage Out

Staying on the topic of the conservative infotainment industry, libertarian writer Conor Friedersdorf decries movement conservatism’s indifference to fact: Yes, there will always be hucksters. And spending all one’s time fighting them is a foolish enterprise. On the right today, … Continue reading

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Rushdie Reflections

Author Salman Rushdie has published a memoir, called Joseph Anton, and has been all over the news as he promotes the book.  Many are noting certain parallels between the way Rushdie’s novel The Satanic Verses was greeted by fundamentalist Muslims … Continue reading

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Why Romney Can’t Lead

We’ve noted a number of times that today’s Republican Party is the Birchers and the Dixiecrats that Pres. Eisenhower fought against. I haven’t seen a better effort at a structural explanation than this from Daniel McCarthy at The American Conservative: … Continue reading

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The refs will be back next week

Or there will be outraged fans whining more than usual. I’m perfectly happy about the Packers getting screwed out of a win, don’t get me wrong. That call was horrible, though, as were many others, and the NFL is basically … Continue reading

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Checking in on “Fair and Balanced”

The Fox News homepage currently has seven articles critical of Obama and/or his Administration.  The only headline that mentions Romney is in reference to him accusing Obama of “fooling” voters:

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Netanyahu “Out Of Control”?

Over a year ago, I wrote: George Bush made American decline– an unthinkable prospect in 2000– a possibility.  This week, Netanyahu is making a rupture in US support for Israel– unthinkable until this week– a possibility. I’m not the only … Continue reading

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Lies My Publisher Told Me

Over at the iconoclastic, engaging, but uneven American Conservative, publisher Ron Unz writes that he remembers when people were talking about global cooling in the 1970s, and that “[t]he experts seem divided”, so he’s a skeptic of climate change. Sigh. In … Continue reading

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