I watch it for the Kimmel highlights

I managed to catch the Sunday mornings today for the first time in years, and Rahm Emmanuel knocked the Bain issue out of the park. The line about how Romney’s financial holdings look like the Olympic Village was great, but he really nailed it with the following:

“He’s given us one year, but he gave John McCain 23 years of tax returns in 2008. And after they saw those, McCain’s people went with Sarah Palin.”

That’s paraphrased, but it was great.

The media has finally picked up on the fact that Romney could just settle all of this by releasing his tax returns. Like the birth certificate bullshit, perhaps they smell blood in the water and will start pushing the narrative. I’ve already heard everyone repeating the sound bite that may win the election: “Did Mitt Romney lie to the SEC, or did he lie to the American people.” Judging on how the Romney people broke into a sweat every time, it’s clear they have no strategy yet.

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