Jumbo Shrimp, Act Naturally, Conservative Policy

David Frum offers a six-point plan for a conservative health insurance reform policy.

It’s a waste of time.

Conservative health care policy is “Obama’s a socialist.” Conservative foreign policy is “Obama’s a Muslim.” Conservative fiscal policy is “Obama’s a Marxist.”

Romney’s speech today was pretty much, “ObamaCare is bad because ObamaCare is a tax and ObamaCare cuts money from Medicaid and ObamaCare is a job killer. I will repeal it on day one, except the popular parts, like about recissions and letting kids stay on and stuff.”

Who does Frum think he’s impressing with these policy ideas?

Not Republicans.

There is bipartisan agreement on this issue.

John Podhoretz, editor of Commentary, tweets his agreement with me: “@davidfrum The only people who are going to read this are Democrats”.

JPod and I both agree: If you care about policy, you’re not a Republican. David Frum should believe his eyes and his experiences.

Incidentally, here’s JPod, writing at the National Review a little while back, in defense of Bush Jr.:

Yes, he signed No Child Left Behind. Yes, he signed campaign-finance reform. Yes, he supports an immigration-reform proposal that some say features amnesty. But let’s not miss the major fact. Anyone who cuts taxes by nearly $2 trillion is a CONSERVATIVE. Anyone who is willing to pursue an aggressive foreign policy without the support of the liberal elite is a CONSERVATIVE. And anyone who has appointed as many conservative jurists as Bush is a CONSERVATIVE. As for Bush’s failure to contain spending, hey, if you guys want a Republican president obsessed with federal spending and the need to contain it, let me introduce you to George Herbert Walker Bush. Remember him? The one-term floperoo?

That’s from late 2005, right around the time Bruce Bartlett was getting excommunicated for arguing that Republicans should consider caring about the deficit.

To the extent there’s any such thing, Republican policy ideals are “if you ain’t first, you’re last!”

The idea that some free-market based reformist principles could bring the GOP aboard to support some rational policy flies in the face of the last five-plus years of the American experience– and David Frum’s experience. It’s great that John Podhoretz is around to help him learn.

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One Response to Jumbo Shrimp, Act Naturally, Conservative Policy

  1. nickgb says:

    For what it’s worth, I want to give credit to MOST republicans who accepted the fact that they must now pursue legislative reform to fix ACA, instead of whining and crying about activist judges and so forth.

    That’s not to say they won’t be doing it tomorrow and all that, but at least the leadership got the memo not to claim the ACA is still unconstitutional like many observers.

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