Don’t Worry, They Didn’t Really Mean It

So we all know that there aren’t any fiscal conservatives in the Republican Party. Everyone in the GOP leadership, like Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, and Cantor, was on board for all of the policies that caused our current deficits. When they had power, they followed VP Dick Cheney, claiming that “deficits don’t matter”, and kicked fiscal conservatives out of the party.

That’s good news.

Because nothing Republicans say right now has anything to do with how they’ll govern.

Gov. Romney is claiming right now that the deficit is the most pressing problem with the economy. He knows better, of course– he called for fiscal stimulus in 2008. GOP party leaders don’t care about the deficit. And the Tea Party doesn’t care about policy at all. Over the course of his presidency, Bush received an average of about 80% approval of “conservative Republicans”. Those same conservative Republicans, now refashioned as the “Tea Party”, maintain today that they are very preoccupied with the deficit and with federal & executive power. But we know they don’t care about those things, because they were Pres. Bush’s most loyal supporters. They’ll be panicked about hypothetical gun regulations, or the tyranny of the imaginary fairness doctrine, or the Democrats’ reluctance to invade Iran, and they’ll vote Republican.

Of course a Romney presidency is a wild card, because he has no discernible beliefs on any matters of public concern. And he probably will surround himself with the same advisers who created the Bush-era economic calamities and foreign policy disasters. But at least he probably would try to use stimulus spending to boost the economy.

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