GOP Mission Accomplished

The GOP response to minorities voting primarily for the Democratic ticket hasn’t been to do any soul searching about why its party platform doesn’t appeal to minorities; instead, Republicans have gone the old “If you can’t beat ‘em, disqualify ‘em from playing the game” route.  The result couldn’t be less surprising:

The number of black and Hispanic registered voters has fallen sharply since 2008, posing a serious challenge to the Obama campaign in an election that could turn on the participation of minority voters.

Voter rolls typically shrink in non-presidential election years and registrations fell among whites as well, but this is the first time in nearly four decades that the number of registered Hispanics has dropped significantly.

That figure fell 5 percent across the country, to about 11 million, according to the Census Bureau. But in some politically important swing states, the decline among Hispanics, who are considered critical in the 2012 presidential contest, is much higher: just over 28 percent in New Mexico, for example, and about 10 percent in Florida.

When one political party’s election strategy involves making sure fewer people can vote, what exactly does that say about the party?  Nothing good. 

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