Evidentally The Bain Attacks Are Working…

Because Romney doesn’t seem to want to talk about Bain at all:

I never really got the criticism that it’s unfair or off limits to criticize Mitt Romney’s record at Bain. He’s stressed his private sector experience, much more than his competent, centrist, unglamorous record as Massachusetts governor. And he’s admitted there’s valid grounds for criticism:

Even Romney has admitted it can get ugly to the NYT in 2007 (again fromĀ Kranish and Helman):

“It is one thing that if I had a chance to go back I would be more sensitive to. It is always a balance. Great care has got to be taken not to take a dividend or a distributuion from a company that puts the company at risk,” he said, adding that taking a big payment from a company that later failed “would make me sick at heart.”

This is a lot of heartsickness. As the New York PostĀ reported,

Romney’s Bain invested 22 percent of the money it raised from 1987-95 in five businesses – Stage Stores, American Pad & Paper (AMPAD), GS Industries, and Details – making a $578 million profit.

Every one of them went bankrupt, with the loss of many, many jobs. …

More about Bain’s record here. This is just one response to an interviewer’s question, but it really doesn’t seem like Gov. Romney has come up with a defense of his private sector record. I don’t think anyone’s arguing that he should be jailed or shot, just that he’s not quite the 100,000 job creator he claimed to be.

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