Cry Baby Cry

Back in high school I took a few years of guitar lessons.  I never got all that good at it, and in retrospect, the main value of the lessons may have been the music I was introduced to by my guitar teacher.  I was already a fan of the Beatles at the time, but hadn’t yet come to appreciate all of their albums. When it came to the White Album, in particular, I hadn’t gotten around to listening to the second half of the album all that much, mostly because I was obsessed with the first half.  So during one of my guitar lessons, my guitar teacher put the second disc on and we listened to Cry Baby Cry.   It’s one of those Beatles songs that isn’t all that hard to play (6 pretty basic chords, by my count) but probably wasn’t so easy to write, and it has come to be one of my favorites.  It is also a good song for the morning after the Rangers come back from a three goal deficit against the Devils only to blow the game in the final minutes. 

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