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Matt Spetalnick Gambling That Being Terrible At Reporting The News Won’t Be Career Liability

I’m not sure anyone anywhere has ever written a stupider “news analysis” article: Obama gambling that Syria won’t be election liability

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More on the military

After reading our post on military campaign contributions earlier this week, reader JK sent us an email and a link: Not saying this accounts for it entirely, but the military has a “tradition” of remaining neutral in politics – not … Continue reading

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You’re Going To Reap Just What You Sow

Will Wilkinson illustrates the perils of unreflective conservatism: I suspect a lot of us (conservatives, mostly) like to think that we live in a universe in which people tend to get their just desserts. In which case, we’ll be inclined … Continue reading

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Pro-life, whole-life?

The American Prospect (still publishing but in desperate need of money) has a provocative article on what it terms the “Pro-Life Paradox” – the failure of anti-abortion politicians to help those families who forgo abortions to care for their infants.  … Continue reading

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Corruption Then and Now

Members of the GOP have made the laughable claim that the Obama Administration is the most corrupt in history.  That such an accusation demonstrates a complete lack of historical perspective (going back a mere decade, let alone centuries)) should be … Continue reading

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We Insult Her Every Day On TV And Wonder Why She Has No Guts Or Confidence

The Greeks work more hours than almost anyone else in Europe, albeit with lower productivity. (Though unlike Spain and Ireland, they did have a deficit problem before the catastrophe). But things have gone poorly lately, and the rest of Europe doesn’t … Continue reading

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Another Legend Gone

I woke up to this sad news: Doc Watson, the blind Grammy-award winning folk musician whose mountain-rooted sound was embraced by generations and whose lightning-fast style of flatpicking influenced guitarists around the world, died Tuesday at a North Carolina hospital, … Continue reading

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Back Then Everything Was Perfect And Everyone Agreed About Everything

Daniel Larison points to this Marc Barnes post urging Catholic conservatives to be more pagan: The fundamentally human idea that a vow is a thing forever kept is an idea weary and battered by divorce. That natural, human understanding that … Continue reading

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Conservatives v. the Military

(via James Fallows) A great list from Heather Hurlburt on the reasons many in the military are beginning to turn away from the GOP. A sample: Alternative Energy. The Pentagon is the world’s largest consumer of fossil fuels; it has been estimated that … Continue reading

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Criterion Of Dissimilarity

Via The Atlantic, a JP Morgan chart showing the problem with the euro: Derek Thompson explains:

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Money For Nothing

Steven Pearlstein notes that there are different views of what capitalism means: Given that he made his fortune in private equity, it is not surprising that what Mitt Romney now offers the country is a mix of shareholder and financial … Continue reading

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I’m one of those people who first picked up a copy of Slaughterhouse Five because I thought it was some kind of trashy horror story that had somehow wandered on to a shelf full of literary classics.  Regardless of my motives, … Continue reading

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Blue Sky

There’s not a better driving song for a beautiful sunny day like today than this: Go ahead, try and convince me otherwise.

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Fume, Fume, About The Dying Of The Right

Michael Fumento has had a run of the mill right-wing career. He’s explained why FDR is responsible for the Depression being so bad: “Unemployment from 1923 to 1929 averaged a mere 3.3%. In FDR’s first year, 1933, it hit its … Continue reading

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Sports Miscellanea

1) Someone needs to rethink her facebook friend requests  (h/t SP): A former high school football star whose dreams of a pro career were shattered by a rape conviction burst into tears Thursday as a judge threw out the charge … Continue reading

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Our Enstupidification

Paul Fussell died on Wednesday. dedc has written here about his classic book, “The Great War and Modern Memory”. If you haven’t had occasion to read it, now is a great time. It brings to light a forgotten world in a … Continue reading

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How The Surpluses Vanished

Mostly, it’s the recession, the Bush fiscal policies, and the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan: Info from Pew (pdf), via Ezra Klein. Many, many more charts about our fiscal situation at this post.

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Greening New York

Ever gone up to the roof of a building on a summer day only to find out that as hot as it was down on the street, it’s way hotter on the roof?  There’s a reason for that, and it’s … Continue reading

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