When Catholics Attack

nickgb has been kicking over a rock to check out the bizarre partisan screeds that come from the so-called Catholic League. Now the League is on the march, with quite an impressive coalition. Tremble, Jon Stewart, tremble!

A segment of The Daily Show skewering the media fervor over the “war on women” that recommended that women use “vagina mangers” to protect themselves has come under fire from the Catholic League, who have promised to boycott the show. … Catholic League president Bill Donohue is quoted in a release:

The cover-up is revealing. This episode of “The Daily Show” was done to protest Fox’s alleged indifference to the “war on women,” and in doing so Stewart not only made a vulgar attack on Christians, he objectified women.

We are asking Stewart to apologize. If he does not, we will mobilize Protestants, Jews, Mormons and Muslims to join us in a boycott of his sponsors. Moreover, we will not stop with a boycott; there are other things that can be done to register our outrage. We are prepared to spend the money it takes to make this a nationwide issue, and we are prepared to stay the course.

Tomorrow we will have something definitive to say, one way or the other. …

Tune in tomorrow, folks, for a definitive statement from the world’s Muslims, Protestants, Jews, and Mormons! Maybe it’ll be that they all agree to turn against the apostate Hindu.

(Via). Post title from an old Onion article, “Fox Defends Airing Of When Jews Attack“. Here’s the Stewart segment in question:

Here’s a Randy Newman song about an even more comprehensive religious lobbying effort, with an even more powerful target than a Comedy Central talk show host:

Edited after posting to correct typos and tighten up the excerpt. 

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