Proof Of The Obama Administration’s Plot To Raise Oil Prices

In chart form:

And look what the Obama administration is doing by curtailing energy exploration repeatedly expanding drilling in the US throughout his presidency:

From David Roberts at Grist.

On energy policy, as on climate policy, and fiscal policy, and more or less every other issue, if you (a) like America and (b) care about reality, you can never vote for Republicans.

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2 Responses to Proof Of The Obama Administration’s Plot To Raise Oil Prices

  1. mike says:

    I would feel a bit better about the current silliness if Obama hadn’t spent part of the ’08 campaign crowing about what he was going to do about high gas prices…..

    So I do fault the Democrats somewhat, for perpetuating the cycle of the blaming the party in power for gas prices. However, to their credit, they aren’t crying “drill baby drill” and mocking biofuel.

    But yeah, your final line is spot on. If you accepted empirical data for what it is, and care about solutions, not having your prejudices catered do, by definition you are a Democrat.

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