Left To Bleed Whilst Vultures Glide

Via John Cole, Ezra Klein on why all Republican plans target the poor:

The Republican plans we’ve seen share a few basic premises. First, taxes are too high, and must be cut. Second, defense spending is too low, and should be raised. Third, major changes to entitlement programs should be passed now, but they shouldn’t affect the current generation of retirees. That would all be fine, except for the fourth premise, which is that short-term deficits are a serious threat to the country and they need to be swiftly cut.

There’s a bunch of intelligent analysis at the link; I’d just like to point out that all those premises are false.

Here are our taxes:

Here’s our defense spending:

(This survey using different methodology finds that the US accounts for merely 34 percent of all spending; this one finds results similar to the one posted above).

Here’s the long-term deficit problem that Paul Ryan (he of Medicare Part D, the Bush fiscal policies, and the occupation of Iraq) falsely claims to be addressing:

(More detail on health care costs & the deficit at this post).

Here’s what Mr. Market thinks about the problem of our short-term deficits:

(More perspective on our deficit here).

Post title from “The Republican Party Song,” by Super Furry Animals. (NSFW; it’s actually called “The Man Don’t Give a Fuck”, and reportedly set a record for most uses of that word in a single, according to something I heard someone say one time). SFA’s vocals & soundscapes remind me of Gorillaz, who have covered Steely Dan.

The sample comes from “Show Biz Kids” by Steely Dan, featuring Rick Derringer on slide guitar. The song’s been covered by Rickie Lee Jones with Joe Jackson, and, I just found out ten seconds ago, by Elvis Costello:

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