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I’m a big NFL fan but even I find the round-the-clock, year-round focus on football to be a bit tiresome. We’ve got baseball in spring training, the NHL and NBA gearing up for the playoffs, and March Madness, and yet it still feels like all we hear about is football.

Lately, it’s been a whole lot of Manning fever:

As the Broncos watch Peyton Manning work out at Duke’s campus today, they’ll have some financial incentives to discuss with him. As the Denver Post reports, the Broncos will offer (or have offered) a five-year deal worth about $60 $90 million. Apparently, that’s also about what the Titans have offered as well.

“We’re still in it,” a Broncos source told the paper. “We don’t know. We’ll know more over the weekend.”

One advantage for Broncos is that they have about $15 million more room under the salary cap than does Tennessee.

And yet, just when it seemed like we were down to two teams, the 49ers throw their hat into the ring:

Even before he worked out for the Denver Broncos on Friday, Peyton Manning threw passes for the San Francisco 49ersand underwent a physical exam earlier this week, according to league sources.

 The Arizona Cardinals have been informed they would be wise to proceed without Manning as a candidate to join the team, and will retain quarterback Kevin Kolb, paying him a $7 million roster bonus, a team source told ESPN’s Suzy Kolber.

That leaves three teams as finalists to sign Manning, including the Tennessee Titans.

Look, I’ve got nothing against Manning.  I think he’s a phenomenal QB, and I think it’s unfortunate he couldn’t finish his career as a Colt.  I just think we could all do with a few months break from the NFL, that’s all.

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One Response to 24/7 365 days a year

  1. nickgb says:

    Oh please, like I could possibly fill my days with NCAA bball and hockey. Or NBA bball if I had bad taste. Or preseason baseball.

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