Vote Romney, You Muttonheads

I’ve noted that Mitt Romney’s campaign appears to be a well-considered and carefully ccalibrated series of lies, rather than the deeply-held-for-at-least-a-moment overflow of impromptu absurdities from Newt Gingrich. Earlier, I wrote that “[i]t seems to me impossible to overstate the contempt that Mitt Romney has for the news media and the American people.”

For whatever reason, Romney’s advisers seem to want to let the media know that my view is correct:

The Republican primary campaign has highlighted the barely concealed contempt in which Mitt Romney holds the electorate, especially the Republican electorate. One adviser has expressed his astonishment that GOP voters fall for clowns like Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich:

“They like preachers,” the adviser said of the tea party demographic. “If you take them to a tent meeting, they’ll get whipped into a frenzy. That’s how people like Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich get women to fall into bed with them.”

That is an insult putatively directed at Romney’s rivals, but which reflects heavily on the voters themselves. Another fresh insult comes today, by way of John Dickerson, who reports that Gingrich’s assault on Juan Williams worked because “‘Williams was a stand-in for Barack Obama in people’s minds,’ said one Romney adviser.”

Gee, whatever could Williams and Obama have in common? Can this be interpreted as meaning anything other than that South Carolina Republicans are a pack of racist buffoons?

Romney’s disdain for the electorate is one of his more deeply rooted traits. During his father’s 1968 presidential campaign, Romney wrote, “how can the American public like such muttonheads?” …

GOP adviser John Weaver recently expressed concern about possible backfiring of the Romney campaign’s breezy arrogance:

“The bragging about wanting to ‘destroy’ Gingrich, and laying out publicly how they have plans to disrupt his events and drive him into the sea, I don’t see what that gets you at the end of the day,” he said.

“Politics is about addition, not subtraction, and eventually, if they are the nominee, they are going to need the enthusiastic support of the people supporting Gingrich right now,” Weaver added. …

In attacking Gingrich so viciously, Weaver warns, Romney only raises the odds that the former House speaker won’t drop out of the race despite a major loss such as in Florida.

“It certainly doesn’t leave Gingrich with a lot of gracious outs, and he strikes me as a very determined fellow, and given the new fund-raising rules, there’s no reason he wouldn’t go forward – particularly with their behavior,” the political strategist said.

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One Response to Vote Romney, You Muttonheads

  1. dedc79 says:

    this fits perfectly with the “Mitt Romney for President” ads that appear next to the post. :-)

    I think the contempt that you describe is not lost on many americans, which is why romney’s national numbers (including dems and independents) are in sharp decline.

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