Light The Fire Among His Tribe

Guess who’s not coming to CPAC?

But they’re not the only ones who’ll be part of CPAC 2012. Tricia flaggedthis report from Right Wing Watch:

Following speeches from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Rep. Michele Bachmann, CPAC is hosting the panel “The Failure of Multiculturalism: How the pursuit of diversity is weakening the American Identity” with Peter Brimelow, the founder and head of

VDARE is a White Nationalist website, run by Brimelow, which frequently publishes the works of anti-Semitic and racist writers and is named after Virginia Dare, who is believed to be the first child of English parents born in the Americas. Brimelow, an immigrant from Great Britain, expresses his fear of the loss of America’s white majority, blames non-white immigrants for social and economic problems and urges the Republican Party to give up on minority voters and focus on winning the white vote. He also said that a New York City subway is the same as an Immigration and Naturalization Service waiting room, “an underworld that is not just teeming but also almost entirely colored.”

When BuzzFeed’s Rosie Gray asked CPAC organizers if they would renounce Brimelow’s participation at the conference, they chose not to.

It’s worth noting that this represents a disconcerting regression on CPAC’s part. Last year, many conference participants made clear that they wanted white nationalists to have no role at the annual event. This year, that’s apparently no longer the case.

Also note, radical conspiracy theorist Joseph Farah has been boycotting CPAC in recent years because organizers did not want him to host a panel questioning President Obama’s citizenship. This year, Farah has been “welcomed back with open arms.”

GOProud, a gay conservative group, meanwhile, has been rejected as a CPAC sponsor. Brimelow and Farah are welcome to be part of the conference, but gays must be kept at arm’s length. …

This brings to mind the misadventures of John Ashcroft. As Attorney General, he initially fought the litigation that came to be known as Raich v. Gonzales, asserting the federal government’s right to imprison people engaged in activity legal under a state referendum. Earlier, he’d given an interview with the neo-Confederate magazine Southern Partisan, praising them for “help[ing] set the record straight” about history.

Presumably, he was especially gladdened about Southern Partisan‘s helpful explanation that “Negroes, Asians, and Orientals (is Japan the exception?); Hispanics, Latins, and Eastern Europeans; have no temperament for democracy, never had, and probably never will”. Or its trenchant observation that “Slave owners … did not have a practice of breaking up slave families. If anything they encouraged strong slave families to further the slaves’ peace and happiness.” I’d imagine that everyone already knew that Jews “agitate for the radical secularization of our society”, so that’s probably not what Ashcroft had in mind.

No conservatives care about states’ rights unless the state government is perceived to be targeting out groups.

Which is Republicans’ view on policy generally. In light of the party’s wholesale abandonment of rationality on matters of public policy, resentment of the Other is the sole remaining reason to identify as a Republican.

Post title from “Among His Tribe” by Ween:

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