Choosing One’s Own Memory Above That Of The Cameras

nickgb is bummed about all the Giants-Patriots stuff going up on the blog, so it’s obviously time to talk about Carlton Fisk’s home run in Game 6 of the 1975 World Series, and how he’s preserved his memory of it:

Somewhere in the 2000s, [Roger] Angell asked [Carlton] Fisk to reflect on what had most altered the game of baseball since his playing days. The salaries? The drugs? No. The game-changer, Fisk said, was instant replay. His game-winning 1975 home run is one of most-remembered moments in all of sports. The video of that event is one of the most-watched clips. You might think that Carlton Fisk has seen that clip a million times. But in fact, he told Roger Angell, he never watches it. That’s because he doesn’t want to overwrite the original memory, which is his alone, recorded from a point of view that was his alone, with a memory we all share that was recorded by a camera up in the stands.


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  • nickgb

    Yeah, it’s silly to actually watch evidence when you’ve got a photographic memory!