In the footsteps of the Boss

Last night I was at the Verizon Center watching my team, the New York Rangers, lose to the Washington Capitals.  As I was ordering a second beer to numb the pain of an increasingly likely defeat, the Gaslight Anthem’s song “American Slang” came on over the loudspeaker.  It reminded me that I hadn’t listened to their most recent album (from 2010) in awhile, and that I’d never written about them on PYM.

This NEW JERSEY band now has three albums out, but I didn’t hear of them until the release of their second album, The ’59 Sound.  Here’s a sampling of their music from all three albums.  You’ll hear the clear influence of Bruce Springsteen, in addition to classic rock acts like Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers.

and here’s maybe their catchiest song yet



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  1. Thanks to the Caps’ win, the Bs took first in the East with their OT win at Phoenix. Rask gave up a goal, tho, for the first time in about three starts.

  2. dedc79 says:

    Giants whining season will continue at least through sunday night. Sorry.

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