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Hell of a sentence

Via TPM: “Ron Paul stood before a crowded public library conference room here and warned the packed house that the United Nations is coming to take their land and that America is this close to riots in the streets against … Continue reading

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A term that is used too loosely

Since we’ve talked about Iran’s nukes a little today, I thought it would be worth highlighting some refreshingly practical and honest analysis from the chief of the Mossad: What is the significance of the term existential threat? Does Iran pose a … Continue reading

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Trogdor and the Thatcher-roofed cottages

I can’t believe I forgot Sully’s most contorted mental gymnastics in this frothy defense of Ron Paul. Here’s the rough sketch: 1) Maggie Thatcher supported Israel (thus, we assume she was not an anti-semite, which seems fair enough) 2) Maggie … Continue reading

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Ron Paul goes to 11

Sullivan, whose supreme irrationality was already discussed here at PYM, has not re-endorsed Ron Paul, but since his “rethinking” he has continued to defend Paul as a sensible choice. The money graf is at the end, for you tldr people.

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Year in review

Other blogs have been posting their most popular posts of the year, so I’m following suit. Purely on the basis of pageviews, here’s our 2011 Top 10 list. 1) The Depravity of National Review (Aug. 25) 2) Bedtime Stories….For Adults? (July 13) 3) “The … Continue reading

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Sweeping Discord

So apparently it’s not just the Jews and Muslims who can’t get along in the Middle East.  This Christmas, the Greek Orthodox and the Armenian clergy got into a good ole fashioned sweeping brawl (I mean that literally — they … Continue reading

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Beyond satire

Via Gallup, more evidence that we are approaching the end of the world: Newt Gingrich, Donald Trump, the Pope, and Bill Gates, all tied at 6th place (for the record, CNN only mentioned the first two there). Meanwhile, I’m guessing … Continue reading

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In the footsteps of the Boss

Last night I was at the Verizon Center watching my team, the New York Rangers, lose to the Washington Capitals.  As I was ordering a second beer to numb the pain of an increasingly likely defeat, the Gaslight Anthem’s song … Continue reading

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Movie Recommendation: The Invention Of Lying

Thanks to my girlfriend, I finally got around to watching The Invention Of Lying. Written by and starring Ricky Gervais, the movie tells the story of a loser who suddenly develops the ability to lie in a world where everybody … Continue reading

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But…but…it got me attention!

Today, Andrew Sully decided to clarify a decision he made two weeks ago, because two weeks ago, Andrew Sullivan decided to endorse Ron Paul for the GOP nomination. The post is long, but it’s a must-read if you want to … Continue reading

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Maher’s Tebow Tweet

Okay, I’ve got a love-hate relationship with Bill Maher. When he’s on, he’s great, but he often goes a little over the top. As much as I hate Sully, his Moore award sums up my Maher feelings. So, Maher’s anti-Tebow … Continue reading

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Just when I thought I was out

Megyn Kelly just made fun of a Democratic guest for saying that a GOP Senate would still have to work with the President. She mocked him for saying that the GOP, with more power, would work with him more. Okay, … Continue reading

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Rick Perry, who thought it was important to call out gay soldiers as “wrong”, thinks that the President is unamerican because he … wait for it … Didn’t throw them a parade. “It really disturbs me that nearly after nine … Continue reading

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You so crazy

I think that Fox News puts out a memo whenever the Daily Show is on hiatus. Megyn Kelly has definitely ratcheted up the crazy today. First I had her Strait of Hormuz story, where she wanted the analyst to agree … Continue reading

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Stay Positive!

Yesterday, Gingrich sat down for a live interview with Direwolf Blitzer. Being on vacation and all, I decided to get my blood pressure back to its usual boil by watching, and I have to say he did pretty well. Took … Continue reading

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The First Libertarian Jumps Ship

You may remember Gary Johnson.  He’s the former Governor of New Mexico, the one who wants to legalize drugs, and he was seeking the Republican nomination to unseat President Obama.  I’m using the past tense because that is no longer … Continue reading

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Gods of Early Rock ‘n Roll

Back in the 1950’s and 60’s, when Rock & Roll was first taking off, Cleveland DJ Tommy Edwards began photographing musicians who stopped by his station’s studio.  The collection of photos have now been published in the book Radio in … Continue reading

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We’d Rather You Didn’t

These are bleak times for Mets fans. The team’s owner was caught up in the Madoff scandal and is desperate for cash.  The team’s best and most exciting player left for a division rival, and another star player left after his best … Continue reading

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