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It’s basically a corporation that can excommunicate its shareholders

In the process of doing some research to debunk some particularly shrill invective about evil liberals, I ran across this statistic: According to the Empty Tomb report, U.S. churches devote more than 85 percent of their spending on “congregational finances” … Continue reading

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Happy thanksgiving!

Let’s remember the reason for the season!

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Making Something Out of Nothing

The NYC Police Department is determined to portray the Occupy Wall Street protesters as a bunch of violent thugs, and Fox News (as always) is happy to assist.  How else to explain the use of “Weapons Cache Found During Zuccotti … Continue reading

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The Tebow Standard

Thanks to Facebook, I was treated to this piece, three weeks old, about how horrible it is that we openly mock Tim Tebow’s posing. Fox Sports is coming to the rescue of poor beleaguered Christians who suffer the slings and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Mix

This turned out to be more difficult to put together than I expected.  The connection for some of these is admittedly a bit tenuous – Alice’s Restaurant is the only one I know of that has a specific association with … Continue reading

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Bhutan In The Pocket Of Big Climate

Countries lacking a powerful, denialist right wing (read: the countries that aren’t the US) are starting to prepare for the consequences of global warming: In the absence of a global agreement, four of the seven countries bordering the Himalayas have … Continue reading

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American Theocracy

We’ve been ringing the alarm bell for months now on the theocratic leanings of the various Republican presidential candidates.  William Saletan over at Slate suffered through the latest Republican “debate” – this past weekend’s “Thanksgiving Family Forum”.  He provides 12 … Continue reading

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Supercommittee Dems Tried To Compromise; Republicans Are Too Irrational

Jared Bernstein points out: The D’s on the committee went much further onto the R’s side of the field, offering plans that were to the right of Simpson-Bowles or Gang of Six in terms of balancing spending cuts and revenue increases.  The … Continue reading

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His name is Cain, for christ’s sake…

Balloon Juice got there first, but they left off the last sentence of this account of Herman Cain’s appearance at the Holy Land Experience: He begins with a story about how he knew he would survive when he discovered that … Continue reading

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Today in “Things Most People Already Knew”

Fox News viewers actually know less about current events than people who do not watch the news at all, according to a new poll by Fairleigh Dickinson University: But the real finding is that the results depend on what media … Continue reading

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“I Don’t Care What The Polls Say. I Don’t.”

I am sticking to my statement that Romney’s the frontrunner and that I expect him to win. But, just as it was with Trump, Perry, and Cain, Newtmentum is for real, for now: In Pennsylvania Gingrich has 32% to 15% … Continue reading

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It’s just getting more and more confusing

A while back, we talked about the news that neutrinos could travel faster than the speed of light.  Then, it seemed like maybe it was all an illusion, and special relativity was happy. I was disappointed that we weren’t getting … Continue reading

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Wiesenthal’s Question

Israeli author Tom Segev’s biography of Simon Wiesenthal, a Holocaust survivor who gained notice after the War as a Nazi hunter, has been translated into English.  Wiesenthal’s biggest catch was Adolph Eichmann, who was hunted down in Buenos Aires and … Continue reading

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Seen Them Leaving When The Party’s Over

David Frum writes a lengthy essay (via), worth reading in full, about why he has found himself on the outs in the GOP. There’s plenty to respond to in there, but I’m going to focus on this: I can’t shrug off … Continue reading

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Malefactors Of Big Lies

The problem with picking a fight with the wealthiest 1% is that $850,000 can buy a lot of barrels of ink: A well-known Washington lobbying firm with links to the financial industry has proposed an $850,000 plan to take on Occupy Wall Street and politicians … Continue reading

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They are who we thought they were

When I got the breaking news about an attempted pipe bomber being caught in New York, I felt somewhat comforted by the news. As usual, it appears that it’s security theater: We’re hearing from our sources that there’s a pretty … Continue reading

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Cybersecurity and you

Troubling news about more cyber-vulnerabilities: Hackers gained remote access into the control system of the city water utility in Springfield, Illinois, and destroyed a pump last week, according to a report released by a state fusion center and obtained by … Continue reading

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Lexicon of Musical Invective

Famed musical playwright Stephen Sondheim has a long piece in the Guardian about “critics”.  The whole piece is worth a read, but I was especially intrigued by the following: There are theatre people who claim to be immune to public … Continue reading

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