Giants Among Men

The New York Giants are 5-2 and two games up on the other three teams in the NFC East.  Unfortunately, basically the entire remainder of their schedule is against teams that are objectively better than they are (Green Bay, New Orleans, New England, etc….).  While I’m not so optimistic about their chances this year, there is one sign of hope.  The Giants, who lost something like six defensive players during training camp/pre-season to injuries, picked up a back-up defensive back a few weeks ago who gives new meaning to the word dedication (h/t Adam):

Justin Tryon played 2 1/2 quarters with a broken right arm on Sunday afternoon, then further broke it when he assisted in tackling Reggie Bush for a four-yard loss after he caught Steve Weatherford’s 55-yard punt late in the fourth quarter of New York’s 20-17 win, according to Giants coach Tom Coughlin.

“On the final punt, I was nervous about it because of the guy they had back there catching it and because they pressured it so we’d have to kick it inbounds,” Coughlin said. “When [Bush] caught the ball, Justin arrived on the spot, wrapped him up and held on for dear life until he got some help. It ended up being a minus-four return and a 59-yard net.”

Coughlin said Tryon was undergoing surgery on his arm as Monday’s press conference was occurring.

Doctors told Tryon about the broken arm after the game. But he didn’t want to hear about it.

“He said, ‘Well can I play again? Just put a cast on it, I’ll play again,’” Coughlin said, who was close by at the time. “That was something. To hear a young man talk like that about how badly he wanted to play. It was quite an inspiration for me to listen to that.”

And for those of you thinking “whatever, it was probably just some hairline fracture and not a big deal at all,” think again.


The title of the post comes from this film which I probably watched about 100 times when I was a kid.

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  1. Karl Kahn says:

    On the other hand, this doesn’t speak well of either the coaching or the medical staff…

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