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All Is For The Best In The Best Of All Possible Worlds, Ctd.

As to the larger discussion about race and IQ, there’s little reason to think that the Bell Curve argument would be accurate or meaningful. It’s inaccurate because no one really knows if “intelligence” is something that’s meaningfully measurable; because almost everyone in … Continue reading

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Update: JMM Gets On Board The Amphibandwagon

I was a little embarrassed to realize that Nate Silver had debunked my morning post before I even wrote it. But lucky for me, Josh Marshall has leaped to my defense: Gingrich is now significantly ahead of Romney in Iowa and South … Continue reading

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All Is For The Best In The Best Of All Possible Worlds

So Andrew Sullivan has taken up the race-and-IQ cudgel again; he is effectively mocked here. The background is, as editor of the New Republic a while back, Sullivan ran an excerpt from the book The Bell Curve, by Richard J. … Continue reading

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The Tolkien Legacy

Adam Gopnik has an article in the most recent issue of the New Yorker about JRR Tolkien and his continued influence on modern fantasy writing.  The article starts with an anecdote I’d never heard before: At Oxford in the nineteen-forties, … Continue reading

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George W. Bush: The Most Popular President Of All Time

… among Republicans: From Gallup’s polling data. Until the last year or so in office, Republicans preferred Bush Jr. to Reagan. Included for comparison’s sake, Republicans’ approval of Pres. Clinton. As support for Clinton improved among rank and file Republicans, … Continue reading

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The Gringri(n)ch that stole christmas

The narrative of the week is the rise of the amphibian, and the continued hard-ceiling of Mitten’s support. Normally, we’d go ahead and assume that it’s yet another flash in the pan, and that in a month we’ll be discussing … Continue reading

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Lost in Translation

Britain’s Guardian newspaper now has an American online edition in addition to the normal U.K. edition.  I switched over to the U.K. version to see what, if anything I was missing.  Not much as it turns out: Marmite: you wait … Continue reading

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No Democrat Could Defeat A Michele Bachmann-Alberto Gonzales Dream Ticket

In a throwaway line at the end of a post on how white people might behave in the next election, Ryan Lizza engages in some uncharacteristically unwise punditry: If Romney were the G.O.P. nominee and maintained this strength among college-educated … Continue reading

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Tebow redux

To follow up on an earlier post about Tebow’s ridiculous posturing, an interesting piece about how he’s not just adored, but he’s also really bad at football: Tim Tebow’s completion percentage is 44.8 percent. Take away his magical fourth quarters … Continue reading

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The Sandman

During the holiday season it is downright impossible to escape hearing music from The Nutcracker  ballet.  The ballet is based on a short story by ETA Hoffman called The Nutcracker and the Mouse King.  Each year as Christmas approaches, the … Continue reading

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Jon Kyl: The Garo Yepremian Of The Senate

Stan Collender with a fantastic analogy that should be spread far and wide: … while fans focused on the championship game — the Super Bowl — between the two leagues that began in 1967, with one exception the actual merger … Continue reading

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Game Mini-Review: The Binding of Isaac

I play a decent number of video games, and I know a few of our readers enjoy them as well, I thought it might be worth it to pass on occasional game recommendations when I find a good one. I’ve … Continue reading

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Coaches, the CEOs of College Athletics

Urban Meyer signed on to coach Ohio State’s football team. Here’s what he’ll be getting from the University: The contract includes $4 million in base salary, bonuses – for everything from players’ graduation rates to playing in a national championship, … Continue reading

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Putin’s Jesus Complex

Vladimir Putin thinks pretty highly of himself.  After serving as President for two terms, Putin was forced to find someone to keep his seat warm for him while he waited out a turn due to Russian term limits.  Now that … Continue reading

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“I’m Every Bit As Crazy As You Guys! Honest!”

Mitt Romney is plagued in the GOP primary by his modest record of sane, moderate governance, and his series of contradictory stances on every major issue facing the country. Here, former Romney adviser Jonathan Gruber, an MIT economist, points out … Continue reading

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Sad News

I guess it was too much to hope that the NBA season might be cancelled in its entirety.  It appears the league and the players are nearly ready to sign an agreement and games will begin as early as Christmas … Continue reading

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Possible Hate Crime Against Day Laborers

Here in the DC area, police are investigating a potential hate crime, in which a man drove his car into a crowd of day laborers at a home depot: A witness told News4 he and five other day laborers were … Continue reading

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“Not a good time for a learning experience”

The post title is a statement from Caleb Hanie, Bears QB, who intentionally grounded the ball by accident yesterday (he was trying to spike it), costing us a chance to win the game. The Cougars lost the Apple Cup. WSU … Continue reading

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