The Washington Post Agrees: Incompetent Media Aids GOP’s Savage Partisanship

Well, not the Post itself, but Greg Sargent explains how it all works:

And there you have it. This voter [interviewed by the AP, quoted earlier in Sargent’s post] agrees with Obama’s policies, but blames the failure to get them enacted on generalized partisanship and Obama’s inability to roll over the GOP — and is prepared to vote against him as a result.

I don’t know if this voter is representative of broader sentiment or not, but I suspect he is, and his reaction to what’s happening is important to flag as a clue to a dynamic we should be watching. Voters either don’t understand, or they don’t care, that the GOP has employed an unprecedented level of filibustering in order to block all of Obama’s policies, even ones that have majority public support from Dems, independents and Republicans alike. …

What’s probably exacerbating this situation is the truly awful reporting we’re seeing from multiple news orgs on what’s happening here. …

This comes after news orgs widely blared the news that the Senate GOP had introduced its own jobs plan without soliciting the views of independent experts on whether that plan would actually … create jobs. These epic media pathologies, as Kevin Drum has termed them, benefit Republicans, pure and simple.

Ignorance is strength, for Republican voting efforts, and the political media is expert at inducing ignorance.

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One Response to The Washington Post Agrees: Incompetent Media Aids GOP’s Savage Partisanship

  1. Karl Kahn says:

    That voter is screaming in the wilderness. He’ll vote for Obama come election day.

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