Unaccountable Predictions

So, the polls are saying some stuff about the GOP field today. Gallup: Rick Perry 29%, Romney 17%. PPP: Perry 33%, Romney 20%.

My first instinct is to say that I’m no more impressed with the Perry boomlet than I was with those of Trump or Bachmann. That’s because I don’t think the GOP’s big donors really want Perry as the nominee.

I always think back to 2008, when, Mike Huckabee had more widespread grassroots enthusiasm than any other GOP candidate. But he’d said some populist things at times, and even raised a tax or two. So the people who decide who gets to be the GOP candidate for president refused to donate to him; he was unable to effectively raise money despite early primary wins.

But Perry can raise money.

I still think Mitt Romney is the front-runner; he’s been up there for awhile, and Perry could fizzle out. But he’s more legit than Bachmann or Trump ever were.

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