Science Is Hard

Yesterday, Dennis G. at Balloon Juice wrote:

I have an aging relative who is struggling with the early phases of dementia, also known as Alzheimer. She spends her time watching the Fox News—and calling other relatives throughout the day with fearful/angry regurgitation of the latest manufactured Fox nonsense. In travels this summer I have spoken to many folks who also have such a relative—living more and more in isolation, watching Fox all the time, slipping into a state of constant fear and the lost of their cognitive abilities.

I was discussing this with one of my brothers the other day and at the mention of Fox he said: “Fox News. You know what that is? Nickelodeon for people with dementia.”

Via Ritholtz, expert in explaining science to children Bill Nye manages to “confuse” Fox viewers as he explains that climate change is real and caused by humans:

Just days after Hurricane Irene swept up the East Coast, causing massive flooding in Vermont and leading to almost 40 deaths, Fox Business Network personality Charles Payne just had to ask, is global warming really to blame?

His guest, Bill Nye “The Science Guy,” said there is evidence to suggest it is a result of global warming, but that climatologists will need more time to fully connect the dots. Nye went on to lay out in plain terms some of the facts of climate change, including rising temperatures in the Pacific ocean. The two debated a Newsweek story claiming radical weather is the “new normal,” with Payne asking Nye if that was “irresponsible, or is there any science behind it?”

Well, Nye said, “there’s a lot more science behind it than saying it’s not.”

“The world is getting warmer,” he added. “Everybody, the world is getting warmer.” Nye went on to give some context to former Vice President Al Gore’s remarks comparing global warming skepticism to 20th century racism before Payne said, “you’re confusing our viewers.”

Mr. G. may have been too charitable.

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