Get A Brain

I predict things don’t end well for Air Force Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran, who’s staging a sick-out from his post in Germany until the president is arrested or burned at the stake or something. From his Twitter and blog posts:

My stated goal is to have B. Obama held responsible for his forged birth certificate and not be in the Oval Office for the next election… If we continue under such cowardly, lying, wimpy leadership, the enemies of America will be successful. By the way, your sharia, koran, muslim, islam loving gig is up. Burying that creep bin Laden with religious honors is traitorous to Americans…Maybe you are on the wrong side, huh?

Don’t worry, though– as we would expect, Moran explains that his views are not racially based: “There’s no such thing as racism as far as I’m concerned. There’s people and hate and kindness … It’s easy to see who is kind and who hates.”

(Post title explained here).

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