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Just so we’re clear

So the debt ceiling is going to be raised by legislation that no one understands, that many people haven’t even read, and incorporating new mechanisms. And once it passes, instead of starting to work on a new, permanent, non-hostage-taking solution, … Continue reading

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The Republican Party Is Insane From Top To Bottom

The Republican Party created the bulk of the debt that we’re now trying to address. The Republican Party chose to make the debt ceiling debate– where the downside of failure to pass a bill authorizing payment of bills for which Congress already … Continue reading

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Saturday Morning Friday Night Lights

I was a Friday Night Lights addict for the first season, was put off by the crazy turn the story took in the second season, and then couldn’t quite get back into the show even though season 3 was a … Continue reading

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Loops: Fruit And Feedback

Dave Weigel thinks that the GOP’s problem is that they haven’t prepared the base (in Arabic, “al-Qaeda”) for a vote to honor existing obligations: They haven’t done the legwork convincing their base that something with such a scary ring — … Continue reading

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The Other Intra-Party Dispute: Republicans Divided On Whether Republicans Are More Like Soviet Dictators, Al Qaeda Terrorists, Or Charlie Sheen

Reagan adviser Bruce Bartlett compares the Republican Party to the Soviet leadership: I think if Obama had the sort of experience that Cold War presidents had in dealing with the Soviet Union or that corporate executives and union leaders had in negotiating … Continue reading

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I Am Trying To Break Your Brain

From anti-misuse-of-the-internet gadfly Nicholas Carr, news that reading this very sentence right now is ruining your life:

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Creepy Convergence

I was reading about how MTV is bringing back an indie rock tv show that used to air in the 90s and came across this Radiohead performance of Fake Plastic Trees.  Just try and tell me that Thom Yorke doesn’t … Continue reading

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Is America Doomed? Comparison To Chile Before The Pinochet Coup

This comparison deserves more careful consideration, but here’s at least a first step. This Matthew Yglesias post quoting Juan Linz was moderately terrifying when he wrote it last November, and has only grown more so with time: In his classic … Continue reading

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I Got The News

David Frum wryly observed last night that “Bad government is much more exciting than good government.” The perils of politics as entertainment– or political discourse as a subset of the entertainment industry– has been a cause of concern for many … Continue reading

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The Four Commandments of the Republican Party

Republicans like to talk a lot about the 10 Commandments.  They like to have them in their courtrooms and other public spaces, and they claim they’d like them to be the law of the land, even as many Republicans violate … Continue reading

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The Author Who Kicked the Neo Nazi Nest

I haven’t read Stieg Larsson’s Millenium Trilogy, but I did see the original Swedish film version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.    In the wake of the shooting tragedy in Oslo, Norway,  Mother Jones has a good piece on … Continue reading

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Disorder In The House

It occurs to me that a couple posts back, I clearly picked the wrong Warren Zevon song to highlight in light of yesterday’s events. I just wanna rectify: “It’s the home of the brave and the land of the free, … Continue reading

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The Other, Of Course, Is A Troll

So, John McCain, on the floor of the Senate, quoted a WSJ op-ed that accused opponents of raising the debt ceiling of fantasizing of themselves as “hobbits.” To which Kentucky Senator Rand Paul manfully responded, “I’d rather be a hobbit than … Continue reading

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You’re Supposed To Sit On Your Ass And Nod At Stupid Things

Well, Paul Krugman is obviously a big fan of the blog, because he’s yet again channeled what we’ve been saying. From PYM the other day: rule #1 of MSM punditry is that critiquing the choreography and possible electoral consequences & … Continue reading

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Hideki Irabu

I was very surprised to see this comment from former Japanese baseball manager Bobby Valentine say this about Hideki Irabu the other day: The biggest disappointment that I saw or had [among Japanese pitchers coming to the US] was Hideki Irabu, who … Continue reading

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Joe Klein: “There Is Zero Equivalence Here”

Earlier today, I mentioned reliably simplistic Tom Friedman’s fact-averse take on how both parties need to cut the nonsense on the vote to honor our existing financial obligations. Now, his brother in perpetual false equivalence, Joe Klein, has had enough: 

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The Problem With Our Politics

(1) The Democratic Party is a centrist party accommodating a range of views. The GOP is universally extremist. Via Erik Rising, this Nate Silver chart: (2) The media mostly refuses to acknowledge this fact. Steve Kornacki on Tom Friedman: 

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Tours, Tours and More Tours

Today brought some good news for indie rock fans.   Ted Leo & the Pharmacists, WU LYF and Yuck all announced fall tours of the U.S.  All three bands will be making stops in Washington DC. WU LYF is a band … Continue reading

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