Various Lies From The Libertarian Cato Institute

Like communism, libertarianism has a certain theoretical appeal that breaks down instantly upon contact with human history and human beings.

Therefore, professional libertarians need to lie a lot about history and current events.

Here are a few examples.

ADDED: John Cole decided to go on a terrific rant today about libertarians.  The whole thing is worth reading; here’s a taste:

The reason no one takes most libertarians seriously is because they keep voting for people who do a great job securing economic “liberty,” which basically just means they do a great job stripping necessary regulations and cutting taxes for the Koch brothers, but they do a horrible job reversing any of the negative civil liberties trends. … So yeah, Ronald Bailey writes a piece every now and then about global warming, and someone at Reason can wax eloquent about prison rape, but so what? …

You’re free from job security, you’re free from a pension, you’re free from medical care, you’re free of clean water, and you’re free from good roads and solid infrastructure. Freedom, it’s on the rise everywhere!

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