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You Know, Every Joke Contains A Little Bit Of Truth

Stephen Colbert demonstrates the absurdity of campaign finance laws: “Now some people have cynically asked, is this some kind of joke? Well I for one don’t think that participating in a democracy is a joke,” Colbert told the crowd. “I … Continue reading

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We Won’t Get Fooled Again

Ezra Klein answers those who think that this debt ceiling showdown is unprecedented and new: This is wrong. In 1995, congressional Republicans ran the same play that the GOP is trying this year, threatening to let the debt ceiling cave in … Continue reading

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Book club update

Sorry folks, things have been really busy and I owe you about four weeks of updates. I’ve got two weeks of book read to talk about, I’ll try to get those updates this weekend, and pick shit up. On the … Continue reading

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Oh, Perry? Hold On…

Ed Kilgore tries to tamp down the boomlet of Rick Perry 2012 enthusiasm from the punditocracy. Kilgore points out that voters in his home state of Texas really don’t want Perry to run, and would vote against Obama in larger … Continue reading

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Stuff Just Got Real

There is no debt crisis, as we all know. But the Republican Party might manage to bring on a global recession anyway: The United States would immediately have its top-notch credit rating slashed to “selective default” if it misses a … Continue reading

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Hating on Mexican (Restaurants)

Not to go all District of Columbia local on our many, many, many readers from the various countries in the Coalition of the Willing, but there’s an interesting debate going on involving a restaurant opening in the Logan Circle neighborhood … Continue reading

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Standing Athwart Morality, Yelling “Stop!”

Yesterday, conservative commentator John Vecchione, whose anti-same-sex marriage column at FrumForum I’d criticized, was good enough to drop by and respond. He argued that I’d overlooked the basis for defining marriage as between a man and a woman to which he’d … Continue reading

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Why The Lytro Camera is a Gimmick (But Still Cool)

As much as RE hates news media for being morons, so do I hate tech media for the same problems. Today’s case in point, the Lytro Camera, as summarized by Rarely does a purely optical innovation grab the attention … Continue reading

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Richard Dawkins On Suffering

I really like Richard Dawkins for a variety of reasons, but it’s hard to get people all jazzed up about his atheism writing. So, here’s one about animals suffering! In all seriousness, though, he raises some interesting points about the … Continue reading

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Popular And Unthinkable Policies

Bruce Bartlett notes that poll after poll shows majority support for increasing some taxes. The Republican Party is universally opposed and intransigent on this issue, so it can’t happen, despite the lack of benefits from the Bush tax policies and … Continue reading

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Google+ and the future

Today’s XKCD is hilarious but, I think, not quite optimistic enough: When you look at the features that Google+ has, it does just feel…awesome. There are some very cool Google-driven features that make Facebook look like it’s targeted at tweens. … Continue reading

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All Whitey Club

We noted when Whitey Bulger was caught that it was hard to overstate how big a deal this was in Massachusetts. Unfortunately, the media is responding with characteristic oversaturation and stories that don’t really inform anyone about anything. The Boston … Continue reading

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Odd Future

I’m embarrassed to admit that I first learned about the underground hip hop act, Odd Future, via an article in the New Yorker, but it’s true.  The article is only available for subscribers, but the magazine has some background on … Continue reading

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Why No Mention Of Jesus, Armageddon, And Dieting?

I know we’ve mentioned it a time or two before, but it’s worth stressing: the media is terrible at reporting the news. Print mainstream media companies are all going bankrupt because they fail to produce a good or service that … Continue reading

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Does State Fiscal Policy Affect Growth?

Some folks are looking at the records of governors and former governors who are running for president, trying to see what these records might portend for the country. This isn’t a waste of time, it doesn’t appear, but it all … Continue reading

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The Military Industrial Fraud Complex (Updated)

The American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been replete with war profiteering. The first case to proceed to trial involved Custer Battles, an american contractor for the Coalition Provisional Authority, which was found to have made numerous false statements … Continue reading

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John Cole Throws dedc79 Under The Bus

A week or so ago, dedc79 expressed frustration with Pres. Obama’s failure to come out in favor of same-sex marriage in light of the debate in New York. Today, John Cole links approvingly to Andrew Sullivan’s praising of federalism and … Continue reading

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When Lightning Strikes

As a patriotic American, I check in from time to time on how the womens’ national soccer team is doing. Today, I was reading a recap of America’s 2-0 victory over North Korea in their opening match of the World … Continue reading

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