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Blogging and Websense – Nerdy details

Many of the people who read this blog are also bloggers, so this may one day come in handy. It’s a brief technical aside that most of you can just skip right past, but I wanted to share. I found … Continue reading

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Infinite Jest Reading Assignments

Belated announcement: we’re going to be reading Infinite Jest for the next three months on a schedule of 75 pages per week. If anyone wants to read along, we can have open threads on Monday and, I suspect, we’ll be … Continue reading

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Drinking A Toast To Absent Friends Instead Of These Canadians

Happy news for people who like people to be happy– hockey-mad Winnipeg is getting the NHL’s Thrashers franchise from hockey-indifferent Atlanta, in a long-rumored deal that has gone final. Atlanta will forever be remembered primarily as the city that lost … Continue reading

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Awesome Blade Runner polaroids

If you’ve never seen Blade Runner, I can’t recommend it highly enough. I consider it the best science fiction movie I’ve ever seen. Mary Sean Young, the actress who played the replicant-who-didn’t-know-it secretary in the movie apparently shot a bunch of … Continue reading

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Media Figures Note That The Media Is Terrible At Reporting The News

Lawrence O’Donnell was dead right about the Trump bubble. In this clip, he takes aim at the same NYT articles that drew nickgb’s ire in the course of offering his opinion, that I’ve long shared, that Sarah Palin will not … Continue reading

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A Most Disturbing Outlier

via Boing Boing, some very troubling observations: Make no mistake, the past two months don’t just seem to be particularly twister-laden. This isn’t one of those situations where an increased awareness of what’s happening outside our own home states has … Continue reading

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I have to say, regardless of my feelings about Mitt or his campaign, this was a cute little story about leftover pizza. First, Romney tweeted “Great deep dish at @ginoseast. Sending the extra slices to @barackobama and his Chicago HQ … Continue reading

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Another Day, Another Ark

And here I thought America had a monopoly on Genesis-related amusements.  I’m still waiting to see someone try to put two of every animal on one of these arks: Mr. Huibers, 60, the successful owner of a big construction company, … Continue reading

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The Daily Dish has a post up today linking to stories from the American Widow Project.  If you’ve never gone to that site, make sure you take a look today.  I plan to check in from time to time going … Continue reading

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No Taxation and No Representation

This should be the motto of the new American Tea Party, which has co-opted the name of the revolutionaries who helped establish this country.  The difference is that our american forefathers used the motto “No taxation without representation,”  while the … Continue reading

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Something tells me the  state-run internet that is soon to be unveiled in Iran is not going to be much fun*: Iran is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, … Continue reading

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RIP Gil Scott-Heron

At age 62, Gil Scott-Heron died this week. An amazing poet and pioneer, who very directly influenced (if not invented) rap. I’m still shocked, I got home late tonight and just saw that it happened. His works are short, and … Continue reading

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Suicide in Dubai

The Manchester Guardian has an opinion piece by Nesrine Malek on the contrast between the sleek affluence on display in Dubai and the immigrant labor on which it is built.  Here’s an excerpt: Visiting Dubai on a work trip, I … Continue reading

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You Forgot Polling

This morning’s nickgb-linked XKCD is indeed an accurate skewering of often-baseless narrative-driven sports and financial reporting. But how could he have failed to mention that this criticism applies equally to political coverage! Polling Obama vs. Republican X at this point … Continue reading

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Open letter to the New York Times – STFU

For three days straight, you have sent me e-mail updates that headlined a “Sarah Palin takes a shit” story, or “Sarah Palin looked wistful today”, or “Gosh, is she or isn’t she? The suspense is killing me!!!” Shut the fuck … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan, Setting Right-Wing Hearts A-Flutter And Toes A-Tapping

Rep. Jack Kingston, R-GA on ending Medicare: “This is like skinny dipping. Somebody has to be the first one in the pool and it’s real lonely when you’re the only one in the pool. Paul Ryan is in the pool. … Continue reading

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Indy 500 Mix

I hear there will be a bunch of cars racing in circles this weekend in Indiana.  Here’s some driving music: Running Down a Dream Blue Sky Low Rider Communication Breakdown

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Kevin Drum is onto something regarding Medicare:  So why not have dead people pay? They don’t need the money any more, after all. So Medicare stays roughly the same, but every time you receive medical care you also get a … Continue reading

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